Monday, May 5, 2008


Just lost a whole post, pictures and all.
Absolutely cannot face typing it all out again, sorry.

Here is the short version.

Found a random jumble stall today.
Got this cute little sailor dress. Too small for Ruby so will give it to my niece, Abetha.

Got a bunch of books, 22 books for $4.40, can't beat that for value, hey!
Lots of different books: Thomas books (we already have LOTS, but really, you can never have too many Thomas books), old nursery rhyme books, old school readers. A mish mash.

Lots of nice pictures.

Like this

and this

and this snotty, grotty little boy who, I think, loves books as much as his sister (that's LOTS)

I have been very slack with the old blog. Still sorting this house out (yes, I am).
It's wearing me out. I want to be doing stuff, sewing, scrapping, taking photos. But first I have to find homes for all my crap. Time consuming. Boring.
Bring on the fun stuff.


Natasha said...

I love the books.

Yeah it is hard to find room for all the stuff.

I hope you can get it all done soon.

jodyg said...

Wow!! What a bargain. I love bargains!!