Thursday, September 25, 2008

See ya

We're heading off in a couple of days, out west to visit the mother-in-law, and then to the beach for a week to get over the first week.
I know I won't get time to post again before we go, so see ya in a couple of weeks :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Crack out Grandmas' old linen, it's time to sew.

OK, it's kind of embaressing to show this as, again , it is the same old, same old pattern. Same dress, different fabric. But I think it looks nice and I am NEVER going to sew anything other than this dress so...............
Made this one last weekend, from an old table cloth. It's lined with an old sheet, floral, yellow, green and brown. These are not the best pictures but they're all I have. We went out to have a look at the dam, not far from here. Not a whole lot of water in it, I tell you. Pretty depressing. There was a lot of little turtles in the water though, I couldn't get a picture of them, too far away.
Anyway, I'll probably make some more of these faithful old dresses in the next little while. Nice light cotton ones, for summer. It's on it's way. Can't wait. I love spring and summer.
We have been away for a couple of days and can I just say that nothing says Welcome Home quite like maggots in your bin. Uck!! There's a friendly reminder for you people. Even if you think you're only going to be away for one night (it might turn in to three nights like mine), empty your bin before you go.
Sorry if that was a little bit too much information for some of you, but if you get a bit vague with your garbage when the weather's warming up, this is what happens, OK?
Just be grateful I'm not showing pictures of it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Dancing Queen

I love it when she puts on her Princess dress and sings and dances around the house.
And yells "NO PICTURES I said Mummy!!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday School Socks

These are our favourite shoes and socks right now. I love these little red shoes which we scored at the op shop, they are adorable. She also used to have a pair, same style, but in chocolate brown suede, gorgeous. Unfortunately one of them went missing on a shopping trip a while ago. Very sad, I loved those little shoes. I do really well at the op shops, finding great shoes for Ruby. But the socks, white with lace frill at the top - I loooove these so much. I had socks like this when I was little. They were always referred to as 'Sunday School socks' I guess they were the 'good' socks and reserved for Sunday School, LOL. I don't know if my sisters remember this too, but hey, LEAVE ME A FRIGGIN' COMMENT ABOUT IT IF EITHER OF YOU DO!!
*please excuse me, just dropping a subtle hint to family that they can leave comments here if they wish to do so*
I think every little girl should own a pair of socks like this. These ones are nearly too small so I am on the look out for them in a bigger size. If I could find them in my size I'd probably be wearing them too :)

I dragged this chair out of the shed when I realised it would be a good prop for a picture. It really isn't the best as a high chair and Mr Second Stitch is just itching to get rid of it but I've told him it's staying. He just loves to throw things out. Loves it. And I am a terrible hoarder. So I have had many many battles over what's staying and what's going in this house.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

24 hours is not enough

I think I need about 48 hours in each day to try and get on top of things, plus about 10 extra hours just for sleeping. That would be nice.
I have been itching to do some scrapping but just haven't quite got there yet. I did pull out some old foam stamps which I haven't used in ages. to do this little 'tag'. My niece is turning one next week. I know this isn't a very 'baby girl' looking package, but I'm sure Abby won't care. I stamped on to one of those cheap paper doilies you can get at the supermarket. And at the risk of making myself looking like some kind of freak, I'll show this. It's just a little note book for Christmas stuff, like what I might get for certain people for gifts, what I've already got, Christmas food I might make. When you start Christmas shopping as early as I do, the closer it gets to Christmas you can start forgetting what you've actually bought. So then you just keep buying (I'm talking about buying for the kids) and end up with more than you really planned to. So I have to write down what I've already got so things don't get out of control.
I do this because I LOVE Christmas. Love it. I just made this from scraps, it's not something I'll keep but I just wanted it to look nice while I'm using it.
Looking at it now though it, ah, looks like I have sewn toilet paper on to it.
It's actually crepe paper, not dunny paper.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.