Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beam me up Scotty

I'm ready to leave Planet Sick, I've seen enough. Poor Ruby. It's been six days of sick. Sucks. She has been quite flat, sleeping a lot during the day, too tired and sick even for treats.

*I'm too tired for chippies Mum*

*I think I've watched enough cartoons, I'm tired*

What the??!!

This evening she too herself off to bed at 6pm. Well, my bed since she's sick and the man of the house is away. I like to have my babies close when they're sick.

We also like to make nests when sick. Usually on the couch. Although much to Rubys' disgust this particular nest became over-run with vermin (Clary)
Clary has zero sympathy for sick people. He thinks nothing of closing in on her when she is sleeping peacefully there on the couch, and planting a Tonka truck on her head. Or bashing her in the head with the bike tyre pump he found this afternoon. I think when she comes good he's gonna be in real big trouble. Better get your running shoes ready Clary.

While I was working in the kitchen yesterday I had to set up (two seperate) nests there too. These chairs are not normally at the end of my kitchen. Just a temporary hospital/observation bay, LOL.
I can't wait until she's up and running again because I'm really sick of wearing this medicine every time I try and get it into her.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


My kids are generally pretty healthy, don't get sick very often, but Ruby has been down all weekend with an infected throat and ears. Blah. Poor little sausage. She went off to kindy on Friday morning complaining that she was tired and also upset as her 'best friend' wouldn't be there, she has gone home sick the day before.
Kindy rang mid-morning to say Ruby wasn't well, fallen asleep. When I got there to pick her up she was flat out snoring on the little couch, feet up on the arm rest.
With the exception on getting up for one toilet break and a couple of half wake-ups, incoherent mumblings then dropping off again, she slept from about 2 o'clock that afternoon until half past six the next morning. The whole time denying that she was sick, just saying that she was 'so tired'
A trip to the doctor revealed throat and ear infections. Hello antibiotics. Goodbye co-operative child.
Kids and medicine. They just don't go together.

I think she is praying for the antibiotics to just take themselves here.
She slept most of yesterday and through the night to this morning. A little better today but still having high temps, miserable, and just not herself.
But there is a little bit of her normal self starting to peek through.

She is funny. Sometimes when I am trying to take pictures of her she pulls silly faces and just generally acts ridiculous, and I'll say to her "Just act normal". Then she says "What's normal Mum, show me how to be normal" Ummm, asking the wrong person sorry darling.
She is currently snoring her little head off in my bed, vapourizer going (just because the smell of eucalyptus in that thing makes me feel better), and no doubt, recharging her little batteries for a big day tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So I suck at blogging.

There. The most accurate post title I have ever come up with. I like to blog but sometimes the days just come and go and come and go, without there being even one little opportunity to type out some mindless (in the case of my blog) observations of my day. And sometimes there is a lot going on but my head becomes so full of 'stuff' that it is impossible to get it all out and on to the keyboard in an orderly and appropriate fashion. If you know what I mean.
Maybe there are other muddle heads out there who will understand.

Anyway I have sewed a couple of things. Yes it's, ahem, that bloody dress again. But I just wanted to show it so you could see what can be done with old clothes that don't fit you anymore. You can make them into clothes for your kids. This was a denim skirt from Witchery, found at the op shop.....................didn't quite fit me though. Even though I held onto it for a while hoping that, oh I don't know, maybe I would shrink in the rain or something. But eventually I saw the writing on the wall and chopped it up, turned it into this Ah, yeah, that's Clary. He wasn't real happy about this but I managed to buy him off with a couple of crackers. It's just that he was the right size for this dress.

Ruby just scored the skirt made from an old sheet that looks like..........................ah, a skirt made from an old sheet.
It's a tad long but I figure that by this time next year it'll be the perfect fit.
Clary ended up with these pants, purple corduroy on one side and the other side cut from a thrifted skirt. Not everyones' cup of tea I guess, but I like them. Mr Secondstitch refers to them as the 'snazzy pants'
Perfect for mowing the lawn as it turns out.

oh, I know it looks like I must not have used a pattern at all for Rubys' skirt but I did glance at this (free pattern)before I started. It's so simple you really don't need a pattern at all but if you're a bit of a numbnut like me it's always nice to have something there.
Other than that I am simply trying to get a little more organised in my house and my head, so that I can, ultimately, have more time to do things which I really want to be doing.
Ruby has settled into kindy really well, she is loving it. The first few days were a bit rough but then she just decided that absolutely everything about kindy is fantastic. And that's that. And she wants to get the bus there and back like a lot of the other kids do. But I don't know. Of course her Dad has told her 'yeah that's fantastic, yeah you can get the bus'
Yesterday I got a little package off the lovely Jody which unfortunately I haven't photographed yet. It's a very Valentine-y collection of ribbons, tags, pins (with heart toppers) and teeny weeny little heart embellishments. I love it. Thank you Jody, you are a sweetheart.
And just this, to be sure you are aware of the disgust he felt, forced into wearing a dress.

It's in the lips.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Dad

One of my favourite pictures ever.

Taken about two weeks ago.