Sunday, February 22, 2009


My kids are generally pretty healthy, don't get sick very often, but Ruby has been down all weekend with an infected throat and ears. Blah. Poor little sausage. She went off to kindy on Friday morning complaining that she was tired and also upset as her 'best friend' wouldn't be there, she has gone home sick the day before.
Kindy rang mid-morning to say Ruby wasn't well, fallen asleep. When I got there to pick her up she was flat out snoring on the little couch, feet up on the arm rest.
With the exception on getting up for one toilet break and a couple of half wake-ups, incoherent mumblings then dropping off again, she slept from about 2 o'clock that afternoon until half past six the next morning. The whole time denying that she was sick, just saying that she was 'so tired'
A trip to the doctor revealed throat and ear infections. Hello antibiotics. Goodbye co-operative child.
Kids and medicine. They just don't go together.

I think she is praying for the antibiotics to just take themselves here.
She slept most of yesterday and through the night to this morning. A little better today but still having high temps, miserable, and just not herself.
But there is a little bit of her normal self starting to peek through.

She is funny. Sometimes when I am trying to take pictures of her she pulls silly faces and just generally acts ridiculous, and I'll say to her "Just act normal". Then she says "What's normal Mum, show me how to be normal" Ummm, asking the wrong person sorry darling.
She is currently snoring her little head off in my bed, vapourizer going (just because the smell of eucalyptus in that thing makes me feel better), and no doubt, recharging her little batteries for a big day tomorrow.

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Elli said...

Hope Ruby is feeling better soon and that the rest of you don't catch it!

I'm with you on the comforting eucalyptus smell, although I'm quite partial to Medic room spray, which has both eucalyptus and menthol.