Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've never actually wanted to be a dancer...........

............but I have to say I am lovin' myself sick in my new pettiskirt (a little bit of Kath and Kim there for the dags in Australia, LOL). It is so swirly. It is utterly princess worthy. So, again, five bucks at the op shop. When I took it to the counter the lady said "Is this for rock 'n' roll dancing? Under your rock 'n' roll skirt?" How priceless is that!? She was a lovely lady. If you frequent the op shops you would know that there are some lovely ones, and then there are some really narky so and so's. Unfortunately I just couldn't bring myself to tell her that I was buying it, not for rock 'n' roll dancing but so I could take it home and prance around the house with my 3 year old. While taking pictures.

So not only did I find this fabulous skirt, BUT, about a year ago I had found something very similar for Ruby. So we put them on and off we went.

First some high kicks. I think Ruby was suitably impressed with mine. As she should've been.

Then we shook a bit of booty. Ruby was quite good at this, although her skirt did start to slip a little, revealing a bit of undie factor. Luckily enough she had pretty cute undies on. Will have to replace the elastic on her skirt if we're going to carry on with this.

Then I just lay down pooped. So Ruby sat on me. (umm, yes, we had been face painting earlier in the day)

Then we congratulated each other on our awesome prancing skills and just generally basked in our own fabulous-ness. I was trying to get that camera remote out of the shot, but too slow.

And, of course you know, I was just waiting for someone to knock on the door the whole time. Funnily enough, didn't happen.

Now I just need to figure out how to work this into my every day wardrobe.

Or maybe just take up rock 'n' roll dancing.

I'll stop after this..........

........with the op shop finds, that is. For the rest of this week anyway. Promise.
But I have to share this little bag with you. So glitzy. It's Oroton and came in its' original box, all for five dollars. Although there's not going to be an occasion in my life that calls for such a glitzy little number, I was never going to be able to walk out of the shop without this. Love it. And this dinner set, the photo does not do it justice. It is the most beautiful green. Not a complete set, but hey, I don't think we've ever had a complete set in this house.

We've had a long day here. I think the days feel so much longer because Ruby's not having her daytime naps anymore. Occassionally she goes down, but she used to have 2-3 hours every afternoon so this is taking some adjusting. We'll get there.
Anyway, have to go and get her to bed. More later.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sneak peek!

More treasures to show tomorrow!!!!

Holy time waster Batman!!!

Yep. I'm talking about Flickr. I tell you, if it's not one thing it's another for me on the internet. So much fascinating stuff out there.

At the moment Flickr has me. Which is funny really because I signed up at Flickr over a year ago, at the time thinking I could use it as an alternative to Photobucket.
But I didn't really understand what it was, how it works. So I bunged a couple of pictures in my account, and didn't go back. For months.

Then I got my new camera, and headed back to Flickr. And even then it took me a while to discover the potential, the treasures of Flickr. Now that I've kind of figured it out, Oh My God, get me off there!!

There are so many talented photographers around the world, sharing their pictures. Beautiful, breath taking images
And then there are the ones with the most wicked senses of humour, combined with fabulous imagination.

One of my favourite images is from Officially a Mom, here. I found this one a while ago, but it still cracks me up. And this one too, I lurrvve, you must look.
I just love that she has such a wicked sense of humour.

Of course there are so many beautiful images that I have found, I dream of being able to take photographs even half as good. But it's the ones with the insane humour that can really get you through the day.

So Flickr, I love you, even though you steal so much time from me.

Coathangers, and other exciting finds!

OK, I'm not going to go on about how long it took my to finally get these pictures uploaded (8 hours!!!) and just concentrate on why I am putting pictures of coathangers on my blog ;)

Among other things I love that others might find a little weird (including souvenier teaspoons, LOL), I love old covered coat hangers. Hey, lets drop the 'old' and call them vintage. 'Cause that sounds so much nicer. I'm not talking about the (often) fluro numbers that so many of our Grandmas' love to knit (crochet??, I'm not sure), although I love them too, because my Grandma used to churn those little babies out :)

I'm talking about the ones that have been covered, often in fabric, maybe some kind of loopy loo one like the yellow/orange one, umm, fourth picture down.

These first two hangers I found at the op shop , just the other day, love them. I especially love the velvet-y maroon flower on the first one. So gorgeous.

The second one with the pale pink bow is covered with a plastic type material, but still so lovely I think.

And the loopy loo one here, it's a childrens hanger, I use it in Rubys' wardrobe. Isn't it sweet.
This one is also a childrens hanger, again, raided from Rubys' cuboard. I love that it just looks so old. Oh, I mean vintage.

Do you think there's other coat hanger lovers out there? A vintage coat hanger lovers' group on Flickr perhaps??

Maybe I should start one? (I'm only half kidding)

I have some other op shop finds to show, as well as some sewing, will bring it to you through the rest of the week. I hope the suspense doesn't kill you. LOL.

Would like to photograph the sewing on the models but if they're not co-operating (which is highly likely), you'll just be seeing it hanging on the hangers (vintage hangers, mind you)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Just jumped on to have a quick check of the old blog, and looked at my traffic feed thingy and saw that someone had come here via a blog search site, so I went to check it out and..........eeewwww, yucko. Someone found my blog because they did a search for 'hot chick' and because I did a post with 'hot' and 'chick' in it (talking about being a check out chick), they found my blog. The other sites which came up were just foul (I didn't look at them, the names were enough info for me). Scary.
And, my, my, how very dissappointing for them to find me talking about toilet training kids and making James the train cakes, PMSL. Poor sod. I'm sure he found some genuine hot chicks eventually.

Friday, February 22, 2008

back again

Thanks to everyone who assures me the blog colours are fine. I just kind of wondered because sometimes I'll be on another blog or website which has, say, pale pink type on a white background and wonder why the person who it belongs to cannot see that it is impossible to read.
Just wanted to check that I wasn't one of those people. And you tell me I'm not. So, good.

OK, the tag game, here goes.............. I could ramble on a bit here, so feel free to tune out

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years Ago: I was in my final year at Uni (Bachelor of Nursing) and dating a complete tool. I was 24.

Things on my to-do list today: Well it's nearly my bedtime right now, so I'll give you my to-do list for tomorrow

Lots of work around the house, decluttering and preparing the house for sale. LOTS. OF .WORK.
Must remember to eat while doing this, and feed my kids also.
Catch up with friends going through from Mackay, as well as sister and brother-in-law.
Don't get narky with my partner when he comes home from work narky because he has worked a 12 hour day in way too hot heat.
If I can do this stuff tomorrow, it will be a good day.

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire

I would pay back my parents all the little bits of money they have loaned me over the years, and send them on a dam good holiday. It would probably be pointless to actually give them a huge chunk of money because I don't think they would change the way they live at all. They would just want to give it back to me ;)

I would set my sisters up in lovely houses, wherever they wished.

Put money aside for my kids futures, whatever that holds.

I would travel with my family, first to Ireland which is where my partner would love to go.

I would go to New York, definitely, it facinates me, I would like to go there before I die.

I would donate to charity, largely the Salvation Army, because I think they are great. Also I would seek out some smaller charities which do not receive a lot of donations.

I would fly to the U.S. for a workshop with Audrey Woulard because she is fabulous, I love her.

I would buy myself some new lenses for my camera, also another camera body.

I also would employ a personal tutor to teach me all I need to now about Photoshop CS3.

OK, better stop here as I'm spending all this money on myself and really not being very generous at all.

3 of my bad habits

I can be lazy sometimes (like wake up in the middle of the night needing to go to the loo, but 'holding it' 'cause I just couldn't be bothered getting out of bed) But not as lazy as the guy on 'The Biggest Loser' who would actually eat the cupcake wrapper rather than get up and put it in the bin,LMAO

Sometimes can be very indecisive (case in point: it took me a while to decide if I should put this point in or not because; well am I really indecisive or not, I'm not sure?!!)

I can hold a grudge. In some cases possibly forever.

Ok, I'm adding an extra one because I have so many bad habits; I am easily distracted/sidetracked.
And if procrastination was an event in the Olympics, I would win a gold medal.

3 places I have lived


5 jobs that I have had

check out chick at Coles straight out of school while I was waiting for my nursing course to start

*the rest of my jobs are all nursing so I will just have to say different places I have worked (which is a lot)*

as an Enrolled Nurse at the Halwyn Centre is Brisbane (a home for handicapped children)

RN in Cairns

RN on Mornington Island

RN, Community Nurse is Tambo

5 things most people don't know about me

my family know this one I'm pretty sure, and my sister will probably laugh her ass off when she reads this

I hate it when other people do my dishes, I often hate the way other people will stack a dish dryer, I hate dish washers. on the occassions when my partner does the dishes I will sneak in and re-stack the dish rack the way I believe it should be. Now you may be laughing but stacking of the dish drainer is very important if you do not physically dry the dishes (which I don't), because it needcs to be stacked right in order for everything to be able to dry

Despite what you might think after reading about my anal tendencies over the dishes, I'm a very messy person by nature.

Cannot stand having my feet or legs touched. Not keen on massages AT ALL.

Lizards scare the crap out of me.

I secretly dream of becoming a fabulous photographer (even if only for my own family)

Now I tag Sally, Tash, and Rachael

And Tash probably won't do it because now that I'm thinking about tagging it's coming back to me that she tagged me once and I didn't do it.
And I promise you Tash that it was just my crap memory that saw me not do it. I am so hopeless.


Are the colours on my blog hard to read??
I would like to know, as I hate it when blogs have background and type colours which make it difficult to read. I don't go back to them if they're really bad.

Finally figured out the link thing

Ok, so I finally figured the link thing out. I've been tagged by Jody, will get on to this later today :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buy, sell, rent, live in your car?

It's a cut throat world the real estate market today. Makes it so hard to decide what to do. We bought this house almost a year ago but, really, we've never been happy in it. It's very small, and our neighbours are completely horrendous. Just foul.
Looks like we're going to put it on the market soon. And just rent for a while, while we get some more money together for another house. And move to another town. We've only been here a year, but, I don't know, doesn't feel quite right living here. Maybe we just haven't tried hard enough. Moving means that my partner would be working away from home all the time, instead of just 6 months of the year. But he believes this will work out better. When he works away, he is away for 9 days, then has 5 off. When he is working here, he works 12 hour days and often only gets 2 of his 5 days off, as they get him to work extra. He figures that this way, if he's working away all the time he will always get his rostered 5 days off all the time. Does this make sense??
I don't really feel that it is a buyers OR a sellers market at the moment. Not for us anyway, our little house is no show piece.
Anyway, I'll probably touch on this subject again, will leave it here for now.
Still no camera, hopefully this week??

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Say hello........

...............tell me who you are. Please leave a comment for me if you read my blog, I would love to know who IS reading. I have a couple of people who leave comments (thank you Jody and Sally for being so nice as to comment regularly) but I know there are others looking.
I remember when I first found out about blogs, I was just googly eyed, and felt deliriously happy that I had found such a thing. Where like minded people were connecting with each other. I can't tell you how it felt to discover that I was not alone in having this strange urge to collect old aprons, LOL. I mean, maybe I was still a freak, but I had found all these other freaks ;) Sadly I had accepted that I was a total nut job and very sadly let go of my apron collection before I realised all of this. But I have started looking for aprons again..............and the old beautys' I got rid of?? - I still have my memories.

I have been looking at some sites I haven't looked at in a while, tonight and I'll share this one with you. Good old Martha Stewart. Check it out. Lots of Valentines stuff

And while I'm sharing links (I still don't know how to do a link the neat way, you know with just one word you click on), this is for an Australian company (lots of imported stuff though) with super fab toys for kids. I hate plastic toys, not saying we don't have any in this house, we do, but I know what I prefer. So if you have a child you would like to spoil, check this one out too

ho hum

I didn't realise it had been so long since my last post.........................which is such a shame, as I really don't have anything interesting to write about :(
I don't have my camera at the moment and that is driving me mental. I've only had this camera since the end of October last year but it's been playing up with the auto focus so I took it back to where I bought it from and it's been sent away to Canon. I can handle (just) going without it, as long as the problem is resolved when I get it back. I just have this fear that I'll get it back and the problem will still be there.
I had to take it back twice before they would actually send it away for me. The first time I took it back the girl at the service centre (who I strongly suspect was, in fact, a complete computer junkie who knew nothing about cameras) rang Canon, reset the camera and told me it was fixed. I tested it then and there, and told her nothing had changed, but she insisted it was 'fixed'. Some days you just know it's going to be a waste of time trying to converse with someone, so I just brought the camera home and went back a few days later. Whenever I go to this particular store I always hope to get one of the staff who has a brain and a bit of inititive. I've bought a few 'big ticket' items from them and, honestly some of the staff can't do enough for you, and really seem to know what they're doing, and others.......................................hello???? Anyone in there????
Like anything, anywhere I guess.
Anyway, I hope I have my camera back soon.
And of course, no camera means no pictures. So poo to that. Might go and dig out an old one, just to have a picture in this post.

On to other exciting things in my kids are driving me crazy. I seem to have a low tolerance for some things at the moment. Normally I can take most things the dish out to me, but the last few days I have been a total cranky monster. Awful.
Forgive me if you are reading this and you don't have kids, the mundane-ness of all this will kill you.
My big girl is toilet training. Now if you're thinking, hey didn't she just turn three, shouldn't she be toilet trained already, please just go away. I don't want to hear it. I have a perfectly painful mother-in-law to tell me all that.
I come from the camp of 'all in good time' and 'don't try it before they're ready'
And believe me I would love it if she'd been ready at 18 months, think of all the nappies I wouldn't have had to wash. But she wasn't ready then. I think she may be ready now, time will tell I guess.
She's wearing undies during the day (although we haven't had any lengthy trips out of the house since we started, but when we do I'll be sticking a nappy on her at this stage), and having quite a few accidents (it's only been a few days of serious TT) but I think she's on her way.
So thank you mother-in-law for the 12 pairs of undies you gave her for her birthday, I think most of them have been royally peed on in the last few days, they have been incredibly handy.

I guess I may go to hell for referring to the MIL negatively on the internet so if you come back and this has been deleted, I obviously have felt very ashamed of myself. Don't be surprised if this happens.