Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Had enough

of blogger right now. I've been waiting hours for photos to upload. I wait, and I wait, and I wait. Then it just drops out and says I have no internet connection. Blogger always does this to me. I give myself a day for photos to upload, always. But I can't take it anymore today. Will try again tomorrow.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a Nanna

I, personally, am quite excited that high waisted pants are making a comeback. Although I think hipsters are very comfy I am sick to death of living in fear of flashing my butt whenever I bend over to pick Clary up, or whatever it is I'm doing. Trends are so funny, because once the hipster trend started, this was the only style you could find anywhere. PITA. And while it's going to take a while to get used to the whole high waisted look again, I think we should all celebrate the return of the high waist. No more muffin tops. No more random brickies' cracks (except from the brickies, painters and other tradies who wear this look so well).
And no more searching for those tops that were just long enough to meet up with our low waisted pants. See when they brought the low waist/hipster pants in they never changed the top half of the picture to match. Am I the only one who finds every top, shirt, whatever, just way too short??
Bring back the high waisted pants and this will be a thing of the past, I say.

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about (although AS IF I would spend that much money on a pair of pants!!!)

Friday, March 28, 2008

craftin' by Ruby

So I mentioned a little while back that we were going to be putting our house on the market. we're not. We're going to rent it out instead. Very scary. I hope we get good tenants in.
So in two weeks time we'll be moving out of this little house. We then will be staying with my parents until we get tenants in this place, and then we will move again and rent a house, for a while at least.
Anyway that means I have got lots and lots to do. So I have been using the TV as a baby sitter which is terrible I know. But sometimes you just need time to get things done. I hate doing it and feel really guilty that I do do it. So I try to do 'stuff' as well.
Today we did this little Lead Lite frog which my mum sent to Ruby a little while ago. Do you know these? I remember doing them when I was little.
You start with a little metal frame (in the shape of a frog in this case), put it on a baking tray lined with foil................. cut open your little packets of beads
..............and put the beads in place, using tweezers if you have to as Ruby has here
then it's into the oven
and you know what? I don't actually have a picture of the finished product as he has disappeared. But the little beads melt together to look like stained glass. Very cute.
Our main activites for 'get away from the TV but stay inside the house' are drawing and painting. If you have some more ideas for me please leave a comment. Things that are pretty simple because I'm trying to pack up and clean the house here.


He got his cake (from the CheeseCake Shop) and ate it too.
Happy Birthday baby boy (yeah, yeah, I know it was a week ago)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My baby is one.

Clary turned one, one week ago (I'm so slack, not posting this before now, I know). He is such a precious little fella, we are so lucky to have him. We were visiting my family on his birthday, ad he was spoilt, as all birthday boys should be. My sister made him this little treasure to hang in his room. It is felt shapes, on a ribbon hanger. I love the little car best, especially the big button wheels.
From Grandma and Granda he got this fabulous spinning top and he loves it (so does Ruby). I love old fashioned childrens toys. Special.
It's tin and when it's spinning fast it makes a sound which reminds me of a train rushing past.
Here it is in action.

He also got some books, and new clothes for winter which was fabulous as I had next to nothing for him in the way of warm clothes. I love this top my sister gave him.

I love watching my little boy growing but it make me sad too. Part of me just wants him to stay little forever.

I have hit my quota for pictures here so I am going to do another post so I can show off a picture of my fella with his birthday cake.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If funky kids beanies are for you, you must check this out - LaFolie are having a sale!!
That's all I'm saying.

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is fine dining.

Well it is in this house.

The Beanie

Ok, I think this beanie has some strong tea cosy factor in its' blood lines, but it's done. It's quite large, despite me pulling the first attempt out because it was too big, and looks like it could engulfe her whole head if it slipped just one little bit. But it is very warm and cosy and she seems to like it so it may even get worn (*gasp*). I''m certainly not going to be giving the LaFolie ladies a run for their money any time soon, but it'll do us for now.
I got the idea for this hat from the multi talented Clair. I didn't actually see the hat she did on her blog, but on another forum and I wouldn't be able to find it now. And if Clair sees this she will probably be horrified to have her name linked to it. It's pretty bodgy. Sorry Clair.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Mum is the Queen of making stuff.

And my Dad is the King of breaking stuff (like his bones....... ride on lawn mowers. Sometimes simultaneously), but that's a whole other story.

Mum is very crafty, she does a lot of quilting, cardmaking, makes her own soap, and one of her latest things is these button necklaces - which I love!! I have a white button one, but I love the coloured ones too.

The button are somehow crocheted on (don't ask me now), and the necklace sits very nicely on. I would have showed you a picture of one on me, but I looked so 'saggy red blotchy skinned' I just can't do it. This picture shows the simple button closure at the back.
I think they are fabulous and told Mum I would list some on Etsy for her. I told her this about 6 months ago. Note: if I ever say I'm going to do some for you - don't hold your breath waiting and be aware that you WILL need to remind me. Not always, sometimes I'll take care of it straight away. It's not that I say I'll do something with no intention of ever doing it. I always intend to do what I say I'm going to. It's just that, more often than not, I get distracted, sidetracked..........then it's a matter of waiting until I remember what it is I'm supposed to be doing, and doing it.

I've put off listing these (plus one of Mums' kids snuggle quilts) because I had intended on making some things myself and listing them all together. Don't think I'm going to be getting much made myself in the near future, so I plan to get these listed soon.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I am so envious of people who can knit. Really knit. I can knit scarves. And it stinks to be destined to a life time of knitting scarves, and scarves only. Or possibly a beanie, which is what I'm trying to do, as per the picture below. But really it's just going to be a short scarf, folded over and stitched up the sides.

I decided I wanted to learn to knit a couple of years ago, and at the time I was working part time as a community nurse in a little country town. Perfect. You see in addition to being offered good stuff like home made scones (made with lemonade - do you know this recipe? I can only remember that it involved flour and lemonade) and endless cups of tea, the old girls were generally fabulous knitters and a couple of them helped to teach me to knit. Just the basics mind you and I have never progressed beyond this. And probably never will because, honestly, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it.

But I would love to be a fabulous knitter, whipping up home knitted little numbers for my kids.

For now I'll just keep plodding along. I have two half finished scarves, both started about two years ago. Might try and get them finished in time for this winter. They're for my sisters.
And I'd like to get this beanie for Ruby finished, regardless of what a disaster it may turn out to be.
I realised when I saw this photo how much I hate those white plastic knitting needles. But even I can't justify buying a new (bamboo) pair, when I already have these perfectly practical ones, just because 'they aren't pretty.'

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I got mail.

I got a lovely parcel today which came all the way from Amber over at Life in Color. We did a little swap. So nice t0 get something in the mail, that is not a bill or a statement, blah, blah, blah. Amber has her own online Ribbon store (the Ribbon Jar) so she sent me a lovely selection of ribbons and trims, love 'em. My favourite is the birds trim in the bottom right corner of the photo above. So cute.
She also sent these Needlework magazines. I love old magazines, they have the best ads in them. I was going to share some of the inside with you but blogger only lets me have 5 photos at a time. Maybe tomorrow.
Some fabric to play with.......................
..........and vintage buttons.....................there's also a little journal in the picture below, just waiting for the cover to be decorated and the pages to be written in.
And a clever idea here, Amber made this envelope out of a pretty magazine page. I must make some of these.
Must go now and supervise tea for the little monsters.

Thank you so much Amber, I love it and appreciate everything that went in to this (including the positively outrageous postage charges!!!!!!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Please bare with me, I am doing this purely for my sister, so she can see her new pram-to-be. It's a Bertini Bidwell Steerable, exactly the same as mine. Yours is the one on the right Sal. The handle is not reversible, you have to actually take the carriage out and flip it around. I love, love this pram, got ours when I was pregnant with Ruby. It was so perfect when we were living in the sticks, I could just pop her in it and cruise down town to do the shopping. Unfortunately it doesn't get used as much anymore. You see it is such a monster you have to take the wheels off to get it in the car (we have a Ford sedan), it's only drawback.
So as we had allocated all of our 'pram allowance' to this one, I then had to settle for a cheap piece of crap for our 'car' pram which is now the one I use 99% of the time. It's cheap, nasty, a bugger to push, and not nearly as comfortable for the kids as this one.
This one is now used for walks to the corner store. I wish I could use it every day, I love it.
Just think Sally if we ever get down there we'll be able to cruise around with our matching buggys'. How cool.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New from old, enviromentally friendly, sustainable sewing (AKA: sewing for tight asses)

I made these pants a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to photograph them until now. A pair of pants for Clary, made from an old t-shirt. When I finished them they were, as with all pants I've made for Clary, way too long. So when I cut them off, instead of hemming again I decided to just add some bias as I read somewhere (most likely on another blog) that this was just so easy, much quicker than actually hemming.

Ummmmm, no, it's not. Not on stretch material anyway. It was a total pain, I thought. But I persisted.

Not the most fabulous looking pants ever, but I tell you what, they are so nice and soft and look super comfy, I wouldn't mind a pair for myself. Poor old Clary, he seems to get all the dregs.

These pants I made for Ruby from some fabric I found at the op shop. Raggedy Anne and Andy, very cute, I think. No idea how I got the next two shots because usually Ruby refuses to look at the camera AT ALL. In fact sometimes she gets quite upset, shouting "No pictures Mummy!!" I may have mentioned this before, I can't remember.

This dress is also new from old, I made it from a denim skirt I picked up at the op shop. I must have done something wrong in the making of this as it's a little small under the arms. Whether I cut it out wrong or put the buttons/holes in the wrong spot I'm not sure.

And that nasty stain on the dress??? It came out of my washing machine like that after the first time Ruby wore it. You can't really see it (in real life), but it's glaringly obvious in the photo, I know. I hope I'll be able to get it out. I love dresses like this for winter, with skivvies underneath and nice tights and boots/shoes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mum, do these make my bum look big?

This is such a terrible picture but it's the best I could get :( It makes the pants look worse than they actually are. They were way too long when I took this picture (was just having a 'try on' session), have made them shorter since.

Anyway, I have tried to convince Clary that it's really mainly just cloth nappy under there, and that, hey, he could be just the baby to bring clown pants back in for babies. But I don't think he's convinced yet.

I can almost hear it now, Clary when he's 18
"You made me pants out of old curtains?!?! Muuuuuuum!!! You're such a tight ass!"