Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New from old, enviromentally friendly, sustainable sewing (AKA: sewing for tight asses)

I made these pants a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to photograph them until now. A pair of pants for Clary, made from an old t-shirt. When I finished them they were, as with all pants I've made for Clary, way too long. So when I cut them off, instead of hemming again I decided to just add some bias as I read somewhere (most likely on another blog) that this was just so easy, much quicker than actually hemming.

Ummmmm, no, it's not. Not on stretch material anyway. It was a total pain, I thought. But I persisted.

Not the most fabulous looking pants ever, but I tell you what, they are so nice and soft and look super comfy, I wouldn't mind a pair for myself. Poor old Clary, he seems to get all the dregs.

These pants I made for Ruby from some fabric I found at the op shop. Raggedy Anne and Andy, very cute, I think. No idea how I got the next two shots because usually Ruby refuses to look at the camera AT ALL. In fact sometimes she gets quite upset, shouting "No pictures Mummy!!" I may have mentioned this before, I can't remember.

This dress is also new from old, I made it from a denim skirt I picked up at the op shop. I must have done something wrong in the making of this as it's a little small under the arms. Whether I cut it out wrong or put the buttons/holes in the wrong spot I'm not sure.

And that nasty stain on the dress??? It came out of my washing machine like that after the first time Ruby wore it. You can't really see it (in real life), but it's glaringly obvious in the photo, I know. I hope I'll be able to get it out. I love dresses like this for winter, with skivvies underneath and nice tights and boots/shoes.

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jodyg said...

Oooh I just love that dress. You have been a busy little sewer lately.