Friday, March 28, 2008

craftin' by Ruby

So I mentioned a little while back that we were going to be putting our house on the market. we're not. We're going to rent it out instead. Very scary. I hope we get good tenants in.
So in two weeks time we'll be moving out of this little house. We then will be staying with my parents until we get tenants in this place, and then we will move again and rent a house, for a while at least.
Anyway that means I have got lots and lots to do. So I have been using the TV as a baby sitter which is terrible I know. But sometimes you just need time to get things done. I hate doing it and feel really guilty that I do do it. So I try to do 'stuff' as well.
Today we did this little Lead Lite frog which my mum sent to Ruby a little while ago. Do you know these? I remember doing them when I was little.
You start with a little metal frame (in the shape of a frog in this case), put it on a baking tray lined with foil................. cut open your little packets of beads
..............and put the beads in place, using tweezers if you have to as Ruby has here
then it's into the oven
and you know what? I don't actually have a picture of the finished product as he has disappeared. But the little beads melt together to look like stained glass. Very cute.
Our main activites for 'get away from the TV but stay inside the house' are drawing and painting. If you have some more ideas for me please leave a comment. Things that are pretty simple because I'm trying to pack up and clean the house here.

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Natasha said...

Brenda how exciting. I hope you do get some nice tenants.

I remember doing that craft when I was little. Brings back memories. Maybe I should get some for Ella.