Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mum, do these make my bum look big?

This is such a terrible picture but it's the best I could get :( It makes the pants look worse than they actually are. They were way too long when I took this picture (was just having a 'try on' session), have made them shorter since.

Anyway, I have tried to convince Clary that it's really mainly just cloth nappy under there, and that, hey, he could be just the baby to bring clown pants back in for babies. But I don't think he's convinced yet.

I can almost hear it now, Clary when he's 18
"You made me pants out of old curtains?!?! Muuuuuuum!!! You're such a tight ass!"

1 comment:

jodyg said...

PMSL!! They're gorgeous but yes you probably will get in a bit of trouble when he's 15 or so