Monday, June 15, 2009

I can almost smell the Developer.

I can still remember the first camera I ever had, it was pink and took 110 film. I can't remember the brand or model or anything but I can still see it in my head. It was like one of *these* (<- that is a link there, can never get my link words to look like links), but pink of course. I loved it and tried to take all kinds of fantastic pictures with it, I wish I knew where they all went. Although they were just all blurry-with-the-heads-chopped-off kind of pictures.

I took photography in high school and I can almost still smell the developing chemicals we used to use, mmmmmm. Loved it. Wish I could have that smell in a bottle.

I moved on to using my Dad's old SLR for a while, until it just didn't work anymore (although I still have it and hope I will be able to have it revived one day). Then I just fell back to point and shoot cameras until I remembered how much I love taking photographs. And by then things were turning digital, and so that's what I got.

But I've always wanted to have a film SLR again. Wasn't in a hurry, just something I wanted 'one day'
Yesterday I found one. I got this Minolta with three lenses and a funky carry case for $75!!!! Cannot wait to use it. I'm sure the results will be somewhat disappointing at first (it's been a while) but it will be fun!
And bugger blogger and it's crazy picture placement.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have been wondering if I can keep this blog up. My posts are getting further and further apart, and more 'nothing-ish' every time. I have a lot to say, but everything in my head spins around so fast, and more and more I just don't have the time to slow down, sort it out and get it out.
It's very frustrating. But I don't want to can this just yet. Want to get back to it. We'll see how I go.

So, as anyone who has kids would know, nothing is ever, ever the same after you have them. Grocery shopping, sleeping, holidays..............they will never be the same. Even making beds. Used to be that I would just strip a bed, get new sheets, make the bed.
Now I strip the bed, get the sheets, start making the bed, leave to check on my beeping washing machine which is threatening to back it in, then back in to the bedroom to this...........

What could it be??? Now I'm watching 'Ghost Whisperer' as I type this and I think maybe I have a ghost in my computer because I had another very cute picture of Clary playing in the sheets just disappeared. Hmmm.

So it takes a while to get new sheets on the beds these days with all the hide 'n' seek and peek-a-boo games.
Keeping with the theme of non-stop excitement, LOL, we now have chooks. Seven of them. Well, we kind of have them, because they came from our next door neighbour and they keep running away back to their old home. Ruby is monster excited, now calls herself a 'farmer' and spends a lot of time down in the chook pen 'cleaning', and having a blast spreading copious amounts of grain feed all over the yard. Clary just stands at the pen going 'book, book, book, book', it's very cute.
It's getting a bit chilly here. I have wasted a lot of kindling, fire starters and matches over the last few days, trying to get a decent fire going. I just don't have good fire starting skills unfortunately. Freezing.
Yesterday afternoon I thought I would have a go at getting some pictures of me with the kids. Not that I like having my own picture, but I hate the thought of not having pictures of all of us together.
As you can see Ruby really got in to it.

Clary wasn't much better. Look at that filthy little nose.

Such a cheeky devil.
So looks like I am destined to have any pictures which include me to be taken at arms length by me.
Will have to set the tripod up. And get a new remote for my camera. I had one but I think Clary's put it away for safe keeping somewhere.