Monday, June 15, 2009

I can almost smell the Developer.

I can still remember the first camera I ever had, it was pink and took 110 film. I can't remember the brand or model or anything but I can still see it in my head. It was like one of *these* (<- that is a link there, can never get my link words to look like links), but pink of course. I loved it and tried to take all kinds of fantastic pictures with it, I wish I knew where they all went. Although they were just all blurry-with-the-heads-chopped-off kind of pictures.

I took photography in high school and I can almost still smell the developing chemicals we used to use, mmmmmm. Loved it. Wish I could have that smell in a bottle.

I moved on to using my Dad's old SLR for a while, until it just didn't work anymore (although I still have it and hope I will be able to have it revived one day). Then I just fell back to point and shoot cameras until I remembered how much I love taking photographs. And by then things were turning digital, and so that's what I got.

But I've always wanted to have a film SLR again. Wasn't in a hurry, just something I wanted 'one day'
Yesterday I found one. I got this Minolta with three lenses and a funky carry case for $75!!!! Cannot wait to use it. I'm sure the results will be somewhat disappointing at first (it's been a while) but it will be fun!
And bugger blogger and it's crazy picture placement.


jodyg said...

Cool!! I have my old SLR tucked away somewhere. I think it'd probably just be a waste of film though. I'm sure I'm that used to just clicking away that I'd end up with a whole roll of the same thing.

jodyg said...

LOL, I actually came by to thank you for my parcel and forgot!! Doh! So thanks!! I loved the magazine and Jack love the cookie lollipop, it's almost too cute to eat. Thanks again

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

She's gorgeous, Brenda. I can smell that smell too that I remember from high school. That's when my love of SLR came into being.
Have fun re-discovering!

Elli said...

Ahhh, Miss Micheaux and the darkroom... memories.

I do believe the photo I have of you on FB shows your pink camera in all it's glory (well, partly obscured by a tent pole, but there nonetheless)

Brenda said...

aaaah, yes, I think it does Elli!!!! Off to check it out.
Yes, Miss Micheaux, who could forget her!