Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding stuff

The beauty of moving house is that you re-discover stuff you forgot you even had. I have so many pairs of shoes, but I usually can be found in my fake crocs, very daggy.
I found these while packing/unpacking. I love them, think I've worn them about twice. Got them at an op shop for next to nothing. Mind you they're not the most comfy shoes ever, either. That heel is solid wood.

I got these socks just the other day, at the supermarket of all places (three pairs for $10!)

I had the house to myself for a couple of hours (the kids were with my Mum and Dad, we had some problems with our electricity, I was waiting for the electrician to turn up) so thought I'd go through my clothes and see what still fitted and find something to wear to a party I have to go to on the weekend. Found nothing. Bum.
Anyway I started out trying on whole actual outfits, but then I was just trying on this and that, put this on, take that off, put this on etc.
Ended up looking like this.

At least the colours matched, I guess.

Back soon!

As you can see I am very busy unpacking, ah, taking pictures of myself in the mirror, LOL.

Hoping to get back to the blog ASAP.

Do as I say, not as I do.....

No kids here at the moment so I am having myself a bogans' lunch.

Bit ewwww, hey.

Anyway I am clearly procrastinating again, so back to work. Much to do.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

36 hours to truck loading day

Just posting one last time before I lose my internet connection at midnight. We are going pretty good with the packing, in 48 hours we will be bunked up in a caravan park, hopefully getting a good nights sleep before the big drive on Saturday. I think it'll take about 8 hours.
After we get the truck unpacked we then have to drive it back up here on Monday, and I will get the train back down on Tuesday and get on with sorting the new house out. The kids will be staying with Grandma and Granda on Saturday night. I will miss them. But I have to say I am looking forward to sitting on that train for 6 hours ALL BY MYSELF. I already have packed the books, mags to read and I'll probably have some knitting with me as well (a scarf, surprise, surprise).

Telstra have assured me that I will have my internet connection back on Monday. But I'll be heading back here Monday, won't get back to the house 'til Tuesday afternoon so don't know when I'll be back on. And really - it's Telstra. If I had my connection all sorted on Monday I would just about die from the shock.

Can't post without a picture so I have this one for you. I found this little knitted dress at the op shop and just couldn't resist it. I think it's probably made for a little girl about 18 months old, but it fits Ruby perfectly as a top and looks cute, I think.

Hopefully I'll be back to the block in about a week, minus any moving horror stories.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Carnage Continues

We have moved so many times, you'd think I would have it all down pat by now. But I think it's worse every time we move.

I think the poor kids are scared of being packed up and sealed in to a box. I know Ruby's freaking out more and more with every box of toys that is packed.

And yes. Obviously. If I stopped taking pictures and typing blog posts, things would probably start moving a little faster.
I see your point.

Friday, April 4, 2008

THe madness is intensifying

I'm not getting nearly as much done as I would like to be here. One week today we have to be packed up, truck loaded, house spotless.
Bad day today. Very little achieved.
Tomorrow is actually one year to the day that we moved in to this little house. Our first house, not renting. Thought we'd be here for a little longer than this.
This is what happens when you have very bad neighbours.
The plan up until this morning was that we would be going to stay with my parents until this house has tenants in it, giving us a bit of time to look around the area we're going to, and then moving in to our new place. Which would mean two moves very close together. So a pain in the bum.
This morning, with one week to moving day, my partner decides, 'Hey why don't we just found a house and move in to it next weekend'
So today was the start of finding a house in a place about 600kms away, applying for it (I have no printer - it's already packed - and no fax to help with this little job), get it all sorted so we can rock up with our truck next Saturday and move in.
Hmmmmmmmm. Yep. That should be a snap.
Having a three year old diva in the house and this hanging off my leg 24/7

is somewhat hampering my efforts with all of this.

Wish me luck.

Give me your tips if you have any.

Other than that just pray.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a couple more

Just wanted to put these pages on too. Not really happy with the first one, but it'll do

I can't imagine being a perfectionist. I know if I was I would have to can the page above and do it again. But I don't think I'm going to.

Would be very stressful to be a perfectionist, I would imagine.

This is intended just to be a simple thing for me to have at hand when I want to look at pictures of my family, so I don't want to go getting all precious about the actual scrapping. I'm sure 'real' scrapbookers would probably say this is not even scrapbooking at all. I know it's pretty rough and there's not much to it. I like it.

Holy Scrap

Finally I have been able to do a little bit of scrapping. Haven't scrapped in a long time, mainly because I have had the time or space to do it. I only do it at night after the kids are in bed, and lately I haven't even had time then, too many other things to be done. Also I put off doing it because I have to drag out all my stuff from the various hiding spots I have it (under beds and on top of wardrobes) and then put it away before I go to bed which is pretty impossible because a lot of it is stored under Clarys' bed, and he wakes up at the sound of a pin dropping.

But, the good thing about packing the house up to move is that, because I have stuff everywhere and the house is jusst one huge permanent mess until the day we load the truck, I have been able to pull out all my scrapbooking stuff and LEAVE IT OUT because it just blends right in with the rest of the crap. Don't even know it's there. It's great, I love it.

Anyway I decided to make a little mini album for myself. I have made a few mini albums, but not for myself.
I made the cover for this from some cardboard which came as part of the packaging for something or other I've recieved in the mail in the last few weeks. I have no idea what, can't remember. I slapped some paint of, it's pretty ordinary. Wish I knew how to use paints better. I'm hopeless with them.

I don't have many pictures of me with the kids (most of what I do have, I have taken myself), like a lot of Mums, so I have put a couple in. This is just the start, I plan to keep adding for a while. It's not fabulous. But I really like it, it's just for me.
I haven't really done a lot of journalling with my scrapbooking before now, mainly because I hate my handwriting. Also not very good with words. But I just figured if I don't start now, it's just never going to happen. So I did a little bit in this, and I think I may become addicted to hand written journaling.

Although you can't see much of the journalling because I haven't put all the pages in.

I probably shouldn't be posting now as I am way beyond tired, my memory is completely shot, I can barely string two words together.
I have been madly packing and doing all that other stuff you need to do when you move house.
We will be packing the truck up on the 11th, staying that night in a caravan park in town and driving out of here the next day. Lots to do.
Better go and write another list.