Friday, April 4, 2008

THe madness is intensifying

I'm not getting nearly as much done as I would like to be here. One week today we have to be packed up, truck loaded, house spotless.
Bad day today. Very little achieved.
Tomorrow is actually one year to the day that we moved in to this little house. Our first house, not renting. Thought we'd be here for a little longer than this.
This is what happens when you have very bad neighbours.
The plan up until this morning was that we would be going to stay with my parents until this house has tenants in it, giving us a bit of time to look around the area we're going to, and then moving in to our new place. Which would mean two moves very close together. So a pain in the bum.
This morning, with one week to moving day, my partner decides, 'Hey why don't we just found a house and move in to it next weekend'
So today was the start of finding a house in a place about 600kms away, applying for it (I have no printer - it's already packed - and no fax to help with this little job), get it all sorted so we can rock up with our truck next Saturday and move in.
Hmmmmmmmm. Yep. That should be a snap.
Having a three year old diva in the house and this hanging off my leg 24/7

is somewhat hampering my efforts with all of this.

Wish me luck.

Give me your tips if you have any.

Other than that just pray.

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