Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a couple more

Just wanted to put these pages on too. Not really happy with the first one, but it'll do

I can't imagine being a perfectionist. I know if I was I would have to can the page above and do it again. But I don't think I'm going to.

Would be very stressful to be a perfectionist, I would imagine.

This is intended just to be a simple thing for me to have at hand when I want to look at pictures of my family, so I don't want to go getting all precious about the actual scrapping. I'm sure 'real' scrapbookers would probably say this is not even scrapbooking at all. I know it's pretty rough and there's not much to it. I like it.


Natasha said...

Brenda. I love your journal. Its fantastic.

What is a 'real' scrapbooker?
I suppose putting scraps in a book and you do it fantastic.

jodyg said...

Brenda, I freakin' LOVE your book. It's just gorgeous and I can see the love in it. I can't beleive Ruby can go in that sling, it must be mighty tough.
I can't believe you're leaving next week and we havn't even met yet!! I'm free on Monday and Thursday afternoons next week if you did want to squeeze in a meet but if you're too busy don't stress.