Thursday, March 27, 2008

My baby is one.

Clary turned one, one week ago (I'm so slack, not posting this before now, I know). He is such a precious little fella, we are so lucky to have him. We were visiting my family on his birthday, ad he was spoilt, as all birthday boys should be. My sister made him this little treasure to hang in his room. It is felt shapes, on a ribbon hanger. I love the little car best, especially the big button wheels.
From Grandma and Granda he got this fabulous spinning top and he loves it (so does Ruby). I love old fashioned childrens toys. Special.
It's tin and when it's spinning fast it makes a sound which reminds me of a train rushing past.
Here it is in action.

He also got some books, and new clothes for winter which was fabulous as I had next to nothing for him in the way of warm clothes. I love this top my sister gave him.

I love watching my little boy growing but it make me sad too. Part of me just wants him to stay little forever.

I have hit my quota for pictures here so I am going to do another post so I can show off a picture of my fella with his birthday cake.

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