Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coathangers, and other exciting finds!

OK, I'm not going to go on about how long it took my to finally get these pictures uploaded (8 hours!!!) and just concentrate on why I am putting pictures of coathangers on my blog ;)

Among other things I love that others might find a little weird (including souvenier teaspoons, LOL), I love old covered coat hangers. Hey, lets drop the 'old' and call them vintage. 'Cause that sounds so much nicer. I'm not talking about the (often) fluro numbers that so many of our Grandmas' love to knit (crochet??, I'm not sure), although I love them too, because my Grandma used to churn those little babies out :)

I'm talking about the ones that have been covered, often in fabric, maybe some kind of loopy loo one like the yellow/orange one, umm, fourth picture down.

These first two hangers I found at the op shop , just the other day, love them. I especially love the velvet-y maroon flower on the first one. So gorgeous.

The second one with the pale pink bow is covered with a plastic type material, but still so lovely I think.

And the loopy loo one here, it's a childrens hanger, I use it in Rubys' wardrobe. Isn't it sweet.
This one is also a childrens hanger, again, raided from Rubys' cuboard. I love that it just looks so old. Oh, I mean vintage.

Do you think there's other coat hanger lovers out there? A vintage coat hanger lovers' group on Flickr perhaps??

Maybe I should start one? (I'm only half kidding)

I have some other op shop finds to show, as well as some sewing, will bring it to you through the rest of the week. I hope the suspense doesn't kill you. LOL.

Would like to photograph the sewing on the models but if they're not co-operating (which is highly likely), you'll just be seeing it hanging on the hangers (vintage hangers, mind you)

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