Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy time waster Batman!!!

Yep. I'm talking about Flickr. I tell you, if it's not one thing it's another for me on the internet. So much fascinating stuff out there.

At the moment Flickr has me. Which is funny really because I signed up at Flickr over a year ago, at the time thinking I could use it as an alternative to Photobucket.
But I didn't really understand what it was, how it works. So I bunged a couple of pictures in my account, and didn't go back. For months.

Then I got my new camera, and headed back to Flickr. And even then it took me a while to discover the potential, the treasures of Flickr. Now that I've kind of figured it out, Oh My God, get me off there!!

There are so many talented photographers around the world, sharing their pictures. Beautiful, breath taking images
And then there are the ones with the most wicked senses of humour, combined with fabulous imagination.

One of my favourite images is from Officially a Mom, here. I found this one a while ago, but it still cracks me up. And this one too, I lurrvve, you must look.
I just love that she has such a wicked sense of humour.

Of course there are so many beautiful images that I have found, I dream of being able to take photographs even half as good. But it's the ones with the insane humour that can really get you through the day.

So Flickr, I love you, even though you steal so much time from me.

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