Sunday, February 10, 2008

Say hello........

...............tell me who you are. Please leave a comment for me if you read my blog, I would love to know who IS reading. I have a couple of people who leave comments (thank you Jody and Sally for being so nice as to comment regularly) but I know there are others looking.
I remember when I first found out about blogs, I was just googly eyed, and felt deliriously happy that I had found such a thing. Where like minded people were connecting with each other. I can't tell you how it felt to discover that I was not alone in having this strange urge to collect old aprons, LOL. I mean, maybe I was still a freak, but I had found all these other freaks ;) Sadly I had accepted that I was a total nut job and very sadly let go of my apron collection before I realised all of this. But I have started looking for aprons again..............and the old beautys' I got rid of?? - I still have my memories.

I have been looking at some sites I haven't looked at in a while, tonight and I'll share this one with you. Good old Martha Stewart. Check it out. Lots of Valentines stuff

And while I'm sharing links (I still don't know how to do a link the neat way, you know with just one word you click on), this is for an Australian company (lots of imported stuff though) with super fab toys for kids. I hate plastic toys, not saying we don't have any in this house, we do, but I know what I prefer. So if you have a child you would like to spoil, check this one out too


Cosy said...

Hi Brenda! I know that googly eyed feeling when visiting all those amazing blogs. And the apron collecting feeling. I hope you build the collection up again!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll certainly be visiting yours from now on.

Also loved your previous post about MIL/toilet training/guilt! Made me laugh!!


jodyg said...

Hey there, you wouldn't happen to have been at Best & Less this afternoon at all would you? I "think" I saw you but I didn't know whether to just walk up and say, "hey there, is your name Brenda?" for fear of it not being you but I'm pretty sure it was you. If it was you you'll have to ask Ruby if some strange lady stuck her head around the corner of a clothing rack and glared at her.
Ok, I'm off to blog stalk your blogroll.

Natasha said...

Just want to say Brenda that you are so sweet and a beautiful kind soul.

love Tash

jodyg said...

IT WAS YOU!!! I should have just sucked up the courage and gone over and said hello!! PMSL, you didn't look bad at all. I actually thought you looked pretty cool with Clary on your back and Ruby was being such a good girl sitting in the pram. I feel bad now that I didn't say hello but I had been to the crazy joker today so I had no idea how I looked with make-up half melted off.
That's is we just need to meet up.

Little Munchkins said...

Hi Brenda,

I just found your blog through another link and wanted to say hi!