Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buy, sell, rent, live in your car?

It's a cut throat world the real estate market today. Makes it so hard to decide what to do. We bought this house almost a year ago but, really, we've never been happy in it. It's very small, and our neighbours are completely horrendous. Just foul.
Looks like we're going to put it on the market soon. And just rent for a while, while we get some more money together for another house. And move to another town. We've only been here a year, but, I don't know, doesn't feel quite right living here. Maybe we just haven't tried hard enough. Moving means that my partner would be working away from home all the time, instead of just 6 months of the year. But he believes this will work out better. When he works away, he is away for 9 days, then has 5 off. When he is working here, he works 12 hour days and often only gets 2 of his 5 days off, as they get him to work extra. He figures that this way, if he's working away all the time he will always get his rostered 5 days off all the time. Does this make sense??
I don't really feel that it is a buyers OR a sellers market at the moment. Not for us anyway, our little house is no show piece.
Anyway, I'll probably touch on this subject again, will leave it here for now.
Still no camera, hopefully this week??

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jodyg said...

Well I don't think it matters where you are in Rocky at the moment, the real estate market is absolutely crazy here, I'm sure you'll make money.
I sent you a message through messenger about meeting up :-) and you've been tagged.