Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beam me up Scotty

I'm ready to leave Planet Sick, I've seen enough. Poor Ruby. It's been six days of sick. Sucks. She has been quite flat, sleeping a lot during the day, too tired and sick even for treats.

*I'm too tired for chippies Mum*

*I think I've watched enough cartoons, I'm tired*

What the??!!

This evening she too herself off to bed at 6pm. Well, my bed since she's sick and the man of the house is away. I like to have my babies close when they're sick.

We also like to make nests when sick. Usually on the couch. Although much to Rubys' disgust this particular nest became over-run with vermin (Clary)
Clary has zero sympathy for sick people. He thinks nothing of closing in on her when she is sleeping peacefully there on the couch, and planting a Tonka truck on her head. Or bashing her in the head with the bike tyre pump he found this afternoon. I think when she comes good he's gonna be in real big trouble. Better get your running shoes ready Clary.

While I was working in the kitchen yesterday I had to set up (two seperate) nests there too. These chairs are not normally at the end of my kitchen. Just a temporary hospital/observation bay, LOL.
I can't wait until she's up and running again because I'm really sick of wearing this medicine every time I try and get it into her.

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