Friday, September 19, 2008

Crack out Grandmas' old linen, it's time to sew.

OK, it's kind of embaressing to show this as, again , it is the same old, same old pattern. Same dress, different fabric. But I think it looks nice and I am NEVER going to sew anything other than this dress so...............
Made this one last weekend, from an old table cloth. It's lined with an old sheet, floral, yellow, green and brown. These are not the best pictures but they're all I have. We went out to have a look at the dam, not far from here. Not a whole lot of water in it, I tell you. Pretty depressing. There was a lot of little turtles in the water though, I couldn't get a picture of them, too far away.
Anyway, I'll probably make some more of these faithful old dresses in the next little while. Nice light cotton ones, for summer. It's on it's way. Can't wait. I love spring and summer.
We have been away for a couple of days and can I just say that nothing says Welcome Home quite like maggots in your bin. Uck!! There's a friendly reminder for you people. Even if you think you're only going to be away for one night (it might turn in to three nights like mine), empty your bin before you go.
Sorry if that was a little bit too much information for some of you, but if you get a bit vague with your garbage when the weather's warming up, this is what happens, OK?
Just be grateful I'm not showing pictures of it.


ingrid said...

I love a good table cloth dress, and this one is just perfect!

ICK to the maggots though. What a nasty welcome home surprise.

Anonymous said...

Brenda..this dress is so cute! Ruby has grown so much since I seen her last. Hope everyone is keeping well.