Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday School Socks

These are our favourite shoes and socks right now. I love these little red shoes which we scored at the op shop, they are adorable. She also used to have a pair, same style, but in chocolate brown suede, gorgeous. Unfortunately one of them went missing on a shopping trip a while ago. Very sad, I loved those little shoes. I do really well at the op shops, finding great shoes for Ruby. But the socks, white with lace frill at the top - I loooove these so much. I had socks like this when I was little. They were always referred to as 'Sunday School socks' I guess they were the 'good' socks and reserved for Sunday School, LOL. I don't know if my sisters remember this too, but hey, LEAVE ME A FRIGGIN' COMMENT ABOUT IT IF EITHER OF YOU DO!!
*please excuse me, just dropping a subtle hint to family that they can leave comments here if they wish to do so*
I think every little girl should own a pair of socks like this. These ones are nearly too small so I am on the look out for them in a bigger size. If I could find them in my size I'd probably be wearing them too :)

I dragged this chair out of the shed when I realised it would be a good prop for a picture. It really isn't the best as a high chair and Mr Second Stitch is just itching to get rid of it but I've told him it's staying. He just loves to throw things out. Loves it. And I am a terrible hoarder. So I have had many many battles over what's staying and what's going in this house.


buddyholly said...

Sorry Bren, have not been on for ages and was going to leave a comment before I saw the subtle hint. Yes I do remember those Sunday School socks, I remember blue ones.

buddyholly said...

Oh and you cant throw out that chair, not that I think you will. Did'nt dad do that one up? or is a different one?

Sarah said...

Love this last photo, love it love it love it, you have to keep the chair now you have taken this.

jodyg said...

I used to love those socks when I was little too.
Mr Second Stitch, step away from the chair!! There's no way you could throw that out. It's a perfect prop!