Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Boots

Ok I actually got these boots last week, not today, doesn't matter.
They are still to-die-for boots. These are so nice. They are Italian made leather, leather lined, leather sole even. Is it ethically OK to buy leather if it's second hand? Or does the second-handness change nothing, it's still made from an animal??
Anyway, I think I just won't get into that right now.
Everything about these is just so lovely.
They are the perfect chocolate brown.
So nice and soft.
Show no signs of wear.

The lining is pink leather, although you can't see the colour really well in this picture..
They are in fact so nice that I cannot keep them. I'm going to pass them on to my sister. You see I wouldn't be able to do them justice. For a start, I'd probably never actually wear them. And if I did, well, I just don't have a whole lot of style going on, if you know what I mean.
My sister has somewhat a little more class than me, and they will suit her perfectly I think.

Although having said that I did get two (yes two!) more pairs of knee high boots today, which I will be keeping. But truly, they're just not quite as nice as these. I got a black pair and a camel coloured pair. The camel ones are Nine West and had the original price still on them - $298!!! I do like to get a bargain and I really did do well today.

I picked up this doiley type table runner which I'm thinking could look funky as a scarf. Excuse my rough head here, I tried to get a better shot, believe me, but this is the best I could do today.

So I'm thinking that 'doiley runner as a scarf' is either
A) a very good idea or
B) a very bad idea.
I'm not sure which yet.
I guess the people on the street will let me know, LOL.

Well two posts is enough for one day, but I'm afraid I may just do one more soon. I'll be away fromt the blog for a week or so after today, so I'm just getting it all out of my system now.

oops nearly forgot to mention my necklace. I couldn't resist it as it just makes me feel all Betty Ruble. Or was is Wilma?


jodyg said...

Girl you are crazy CrAzY CRAZY!!! Do not give those boots away!! Chocolate brown outside, pink inside and just look at them!! They are heavenly!!! I can't believe someone gave them away in the first place. If you give them away you may just regret it for the rest of your life!!

Brenda said...

yeah, I'm hearin' you Jody, I really am. I ummed and ahhed about it, changed my mind a million times, but..........they've been promised now, there's no going back. And truly, I would probably never wear them.
But they are so nice. So much better in real life, just to look at them.........but to touch them, oh, they are fabulous.