Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grub love

We have spent a few days over at my parents place over the past few weeks, and the garden over there is, apparently, a mecca for grubs.

And Ruby loves grubs, bugs, insects, whatever. So she has been pretty busy collecting them and housing them is jars. And naming them. The names are the most surprising bit of all. She has come out with some pretty stella names, all on her own, with no prompting from anyone else.
So first there was Damon, then Dandy, then came Archer, Solar, Sarah and, my favourite, Crunchy. Do you think you'd be living every second like it were you last if you were a grub and your name was Crunchy? I have been totally impressed with the names she has been coming out with and can't wait to hear what she'll think up next.
Unfortunately for the grubs she likes to pop them into jars and keep them close (or not) to her. She usually will shove a handful of leaves in with them. For sustainance I believe.
then it's up to the grub/s to wait for someone to set them free while Ruby isn't looking.

We had been back home a day or so when I found this little fella in this jar behind the couch. Poor little thing. I thought he was dead, he had no leaves after all. But he had survived the horror. Although I do believe he was flipping me the bird when I took this picture but really, can you blame him.
In my defence I did not muck around taking the picture and set him free very quickly in to the garden.

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