Monday, May 19, 2008

They won

The kids, that is..........they won the battle today. Completely destroyed me. How is it that the little people can be so brutal, without even trying?
Today was just one of those days. If you have kids then I'm sure you know what I mean.
Crying, whinging, throwing tantrums, into everything, emptying every drawer, cupboard, whatever. And that was just me. Kidding. Kind of.
Somedays it's enough just to get through the day without being committed to the nut house. Today was one of those days.
Ruby has such a short attention span. Pulls out a bunch of toys/stuff, plays for a couple of minutes then moves on to pulling out more stuff. Grrrrrrr. Clary can now push a little stool around which he can then climb on to get in to more stuff.
I think they hate me. They're trying to send me crazy. That's what it feels like some days.
On days like today I seriously wonder if I will ever do anything creative again. When on earth am I ever going to get time.
I used to do my 'stuff' at night, when the kids were all tucked up in bed. But more and more, by the time I get them to bed and do the dishes, clean up, blah, blah,'s time for bed. And I used to stay up way later than I should doing 'my stuff' because I needed that time to myself more than I needed to sleep, if you know what I mean. But lately I'm really just too tired to do it.
It sucks.
So I'm putting this picture in here just to remind me how beautiful my kids really are. I took this yesterday and I know it's technically not a great picture but I think it may be one of my favourites, ever. I took it just after I'd bathed the kids, Clary had had his hair washed, he was all squeaky clean and ready for bed, and snuck up on that chair with his book.

Hope your day was better than mine.
Best go, I have dishes to do, ironing, banking and a shopping list to write.

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Natasha said...

I think its good that you can voice out your frustrations that come with children and know at the same time how much you love and appreciate them. Beautiful photo.

I think most parents have these kind of days or longer. I know I have.