Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have recovered from my crap day yesterday by treating myelf to a spot of op shopping. It works a treat. Nothing like a few bargains to blow the life back in to you.
I got a few and may even do a coule of posts tonight so I can fit in all the pictures,LOL.
Firstly I got this gorgeous vintage woollen coat. I got two coats today and both were only $5 each.

I love the little strap detail on the back.

This one is chocolate brown suede, gorgeous, but oh so heavy. I shouldn't have bought it, it doesn't even fit me, but it was just one of those 'this-is-so-lovely- and-they're-practically-giving-it-away-how-can-I-possibly-walk-out-of-here-without-this' type things. You know??

Both of those top pockets have two buttons each, I just didn't bother doing them up on one side before I took the picture.
They might not look that flash, lying on the floor as I have them, but they look great on. The second one looks great with the belt tied.
Sooooo, if you think you would like to own the second one, drop me a line and I will send it on its' way to you. That's only if you live in Australia I'm afraid as my budget just will not accomodate international postage on this heavy little baby, at the moment. I would say it's about a size 12, although the label has it as a 14.
Gorgeous. But heavy.
Edited to say that the coat has a new home, it's going to be winging its' way to Melbourne, lucky thing.

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