Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ruby started out being a very good eater. Loved fruit and vegetables. Would choose them over anything sweet. Lately though, that's all gone by the way. Clary has been a little fussy from the start.
When I serve up meat and vegetables for tea Ruby will eat the meat first and then I have to push her to eat her veges. I hate trying to think of what to cook for tea. Absolutely hate it.
But in some ways she still has some good eating habits. Even though they can be a little smelly. You see, she loves sardines. Really, really loves them. And loves to give hugs and kisses afterwards - very stinky, old sardine breath.
Anyway this is what she wanted for lunch today. Sardines, kalamarta olives and avocado on a rice cake. She had two helpings of everything.

So at least she's had this, when she refuses to eat tonight.

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