Sunday, May 18, 2008

And now, more on food

Two posts about food in one day, don't mean to bore you but, hey, you don't have to read it.
So I thought i had a win with tea tonight. I had a lazy tea, made a frittata. The recipe was for chicken and corn frittata, but I had no chicken and no corn so we had bacon, zucchini and carrot frittata. It was very, very nice. I ate most of it.
But I thought I'd had a win with Ruby because she was all "yummy, yummy, this is good" when I put it out. But as I was really just listening to her and not actually watching her as I was feeding Clary, it took a minute or so before I realised that no, she wasn't actually going to gobble it all up like I'd been thinking she was. It had been 'yummy' for as long as it took her to pick all the bacon out of it. The rest of it was, in fact, 'yucky Mum'

So I pretty much ate the whole lot myself. It was nice.

Meantime I'll just keep trying. You'll be the first to know if I do get a win with her. The diva.


Elli said...

At least Ruby eats some decent food! Cheyenne has her moments (and she does love broccoli!) but lately she has just been having 2 minute noodles or a sandwich for dinner because she refuses to eat what Steve and I are eating.

ingrid said...

I have a bacon-picker-outer as well. Every time he sees me cooking with it he starts his mmmmmm bacon chant. It brings out a startling resemblance to Homer Simpson. All you can hope is that there was a shred of zucchinni attached to one of those bacon morsels.