Friday, January 21, 2011

What I (almost) Wore.

A summer outfit for under $10. Easy peasy. This is my 'What I (almost) Wore' due to the fact that I had serious doubts over the length of that dress, and got changed, ha ha. But it certainly would have been a bargain basement outfit if it had been worn.
 The dress came from Wayne's World. Yes......Wayne's World, the shop. For those of you who are not familiar with Wayne's World, it is a two dollar store. And yes, again, I shopped for fashion in a two dollar store. The dress was $5 and has previously only been worn over jeans, and after this brief trial in the privacy of my own home, will continue to be worn only over jeans. Way too short as a dress for someone who spends her days picking stuff up off the floor/ground.

The belt (I apoligize in advance for any horrific 80's/90's flashbacks any of you may suffer after seeing this) came from the op shop, I think it was about $1.
White sandals, also from the op shop, $2 I think (it was a while ago).
So that's a total of $8.
If only that dress (isn't that print cute) was just a smidge longer.


x Shimmy Immie said...

It's super cute as it is, but why don't you see if you can find a little cream slip that's a little longer to wear underneath? It'd be adorable for spring >w<

Elli said...

I'm jealous you've got the legs to pull that dress off. OK, sure, maybe it's not a picking-up-after-the-kids housework outfit, but it'd be perfect for a Summer bbq.