Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal

I cannot overthink this post and cannot put down too many words. The sadness is overwhelming me. Flood devastation is all around us. It's estimated that approximately 75% of my state has been affected by flooding in the last few weeks.
 Many lives have been lost, thousands of homes, and who know how many have lost their livelihoods. Crops have been wiped out, shops have been wiped out. And so many more of us feel useless, what can we do? Australia is lucky enough to have an army of willing and trained volunteers, the SES, who are working day and night doing a million different things, to help others.
When a small flash flood came through our little town last Friday night the SES sandbagged until three in the morning. And that's the very least of it.
So many towns have flooded. Gympie, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Emerald, Alpha, Condamine, Theodore, and so many more.
And then Toowoomba, Grantham, Withcott and just the entire Lockyer Valley really, which I can't even bare to say any more about. This video shows parked cars being washed away, nothing else, but gives you an idea of how fast the water did come up.
Had trouble embedding the video so here is a link

And now Brisbane. And talk of possible cyclones up North. It's all too much.

 I have listed these canvases for sale in my Etsy shop and 100% of the sale proceeds will go directly to the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal.
 Canvases aside, please consider giving a direct donation if you are able to do so.
 If you cannot spare money simply spare your thoughts. For those who are gone, those who have lost loved ones, and those who are working tirelessly hoping to see an end to this onslaught of tragedy.
And believe that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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