Friday, January 21, 2011

Bed Nooks

I love little nooks, all kinds. Bed nooks, book nooks, brekkie nooks, any kind of nook at all. I don't really have any nooks in my home right now, apart from a couple of spots where I have pushed chairs into corners and declared those spots to be reading nooks.
But I'm always looking for inspiration both for the home we are in now, and the home(s) we may be in in the future. I hope one day to have bed nooks, reading nooks AND a breakfast nook. That would be dreamy.
For now I am loving this little blue bunk bed nook, ever so cute (picture found here).

 This bunk bed nook with brilliant yellow curtains is just perfect. I have looked at a whole lot of nooks online and so many of them are 'design magazine perfect', which just isn't me, but I can imagine having something like the nooks above and below in my own home.
This reading nook (found here) is a converted cupboard.........AWESOME!!!

 And this mishmashed up bed nook (image found here) with it's crocheted blanket and sigh-inducing quilt would be just the perfect spot to get comfy and read my favourite magazines.
I guess by the time I get my nooks we may even have some more pets so............why not....bunk beds for cats!!! I never would have thought of suitcases for cat beds (bunk beds at that), but the amazing LoveNostalgicWhimsy on Etsy did. She makes these to sell. Adorable.


x Shimmy Immie said...

I love little nooks and hiding places too...but I've never had a home of my own in which to make one! That converted cupboard one makes me insanely jealous of the little girl on the top shelf...what I would give to be her...!

Elli said...

I also love nooks. I really want (at some point) to have a house that has a bay window with a window seat which I can curtain off to make a private reading nook.

I had great plans for a bed nook for Cheyenne's room. Kind of like the top pic, but not as fancy. Steve was going to make her a cabin bunk and have a desk and drawers underneath, with room for a beanbag so she had a little curtained-off reading nook. We got the curtain and the beanbag... but the rest never happened :(

I do love that converted cupboard too!

teacup adventure said...

ahhh, so many nooks! I am overwhelmed with delightfulness.

P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Laura said...

Love these nooks! The mismatched quilted bed nook is by far my favorite! I love little corners and cozies where you can hie away with a blanket, a cup of tea and a book... Great photos!

cally said...

Your blog is great, Brenda! I need a nook.