Friday, January 7, 2011

oh Lula, where are you?

I love magazines. Really love them. I crave them. A magazine fresh from the newsagency shelf, all pristine and smooth, just waiting to be read........this is one of my favourite things.
It's a long time love which started when I was in high school. Dolly, anyone?

Dolly was the teenage girls bible when I was at school. I was completely devoted. I can even remember the cover of the first one I ever bought. I would read each issue over and over. Dolly has stood the test of time (that is the current issue in the image above), but I think the girls that read it now are a lot younger than I was when I was reading.
I moved on to Cleo, Cosmo and a bunch of weekly gossip mags. I was ever so sophisticated, lol.
The huge selection of magazines on the shelves these days makes my heart sing. There really is a magazine for just about any interest/topic you can think of (there is actually a magazine called 'Bacon Busters" - it's aimed at pig shooters)
While there is everything you could possible want or need to read, learn or look at, available online, not to mention the environmental issues involved with printing and distribution of actual magazines.............I just cannot go past them.
These are the mags that make my top 4 these days.
Frankie is an Australian magazine, and it's a very good one. A bit of art, a bit of craft, some fashion, and well written articles, what's not to love.

Although, quite frankly Frankie, I do find your covers a little boring. They just all look the same to me. I feel a bit bad saying that because she is otherwise a top mag.
Another local mag which is totally worth looking forward to each month, is Peppermint.  In her own words Peppermint is "vintage organic recycled fair trade sustainable fresh. green. fashion." It's beautiful  to look at, the feel of her recycled paper is luscious, and it's always got interesting things to read.

Boho is an American mag and, to me, very similar to Peppermint. I really should make a choice between the two of them, rather than buying both.
But the last of my top 4 eludes me right now. Lula. She is dreamy, whimsical, and oh so pretty. She is not on the shelf of every newsagency so I was quite surprised to discover her on the shelf of my local newsagency. I found her at issue 8 and then had the pleasure of issues 9 & 10 as well. But issue 11? Nowhere to be found. My newsagent told me she was due to arrive last October (yes, three months ago!!), but she hasn't and they were none the wiser at to what Lula is up to.

If there's anyone who knows where I can get my grubby little hands on the elusive issue 11, I would LOVE to hear from you. Or if anyone can actually get their hands on a copy and would to do a little magazine swap with me, I would be very interested in that too. I have found out I can actually subscribe to Lula from Australia now and I think that would be an awesome birthday present for me to give myself, but it would still leave me without the current issue. Can anyone help this magazine junkie curb her Lula craving?

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