Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Creative Space

I am a little obsessed with creative spaces at the moment. Creative spaces to live in as well as those more specific creative spaces that we carry out whatever it is that we do, we make, we create.
Some people are lucky enough to have dedicated studios *sigh*
Others claim their creative space on the kitchen table, even the ironing board, permanently set up holding creative endevours waiting to be taken up when all the chores are done.
I'm know I'm not the only one claiming the spare room, declaring it to be the 'craft room' (although I do prefer to think of it as my little studio, however humble it is).
And what is a creative space to me, is the junk room to my husband.
For the purpose of this post I will refer to it simply as 'my room'.
My room is the spare bedroom, and I feel incredible lucky that we actually have one.
It has a double bed in it, the main purpose of which is to hide all the boxes of Christmas decorations, boxes of photos which are crying out to be sorted and housed in beautiful albums, and boxes of general paper crafting supplies.
It also has an old wardrobe which is home to all of my fabric, sewing notions and other bits and bobs.
My room also has a very old style computer desk on which I have my trusty printer, as well as shoes box sized boxes of gift wrapping goodies, and other odds and bods.
Then there is my desk where I have my laptop and external hard-drive (will be needing another one soon), and a very impressive collection of clutter. Stuff piles up on the desk very quickly.
My sewing machine actually lives under the desk and boots the laptop off when it's time for it to be used (which it won't be until it is fixed after my son 'fixed' it for me).
The double bed mentioned above, is also a great place to put things while they wait to be dealt with properly.
And the whole room in generally is the spot where my husband will open the door and throw in anything he doesn't want to have to look at in the rest of the house.
any of this sounding familiar?
I dream of the day when I have a room which is well organised, really wonderful to look at, and just generally inviting.
I have plans for having lots of storage space.
Especially for all the little things. I have a lot of those.
A wall like this (found at Making it Lovely blog here) would be so lovely, wouldn't it?

That wall of shelves makes me swoon. A little bit of pretty like this here from Danielle Thompson who does 'pretty' very, very well.

I love this idea of a little sewing nook like this, all neatly packed into a cupboard that can be closed up when you're done (my husband would love that too......all. out. of. sight.)
Image from Heather Ross.
 But I think this is my dream, this really does take my breath away. I am in awe of this little studio, it's an absolute delight. It belongs to Jenny B Harris of the Allsorts blog.

So completely wonderful, and giving me loads of ideas.

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