Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day to day.

This is what we have been doing a bit of in the past week or so. I have been starting my days with Green Smoothies, which really don't taste as bad as they look.
 Really. I started having green smoothies a couple of months ago, for a couple of reasons. Mainly I had become even more tired than normal, to the point where I couldn't even exercise once a week. Completely wrecked, was the feeling. Also because I'm not very good at eating breakfast, and wasn't eating well in general. (I consume a huge amount of sugar, trying to cut back)
This smoothie is about two cups of water, two bananas, some mango (I got a tray of not-so-perfect mangos for next to nothing before Christmas and chopped them up and froze them), a couple of handfuls of spinach and rocket leaves, and a bit of protein powder thrown in as well.
Green smoothies aside I know that the best thing to make me feel better is to drink loads of water during the day and get plenty of sleep, two things I am still working on. I find it so hard to go to bed early as I have so much to do at night.
The sun is shining again but I have found the kids still at each other and seeming to forget that they have the ability to entertain themselves and don't need me to do it every minute of the day!!
So I have been packing up just the most basic of food and calling it a picnic, and heading to the park for a few hours each day. We have covered quite a few parks in our area doing this.
The 'picnic' usually consists of rice cakes, rye (or other) wraps, avocado, tinned tuna, cherry tomatos, and whatever fruit we have. Plus a thermos of water and green tea bags for me.

I have actually managed to read a page or two of a magazine or book doing this. Unheard of for many years, this 'reading' business.

 Although one trip to the park did result in a foot injury for Ruby, and subsequent trip to the Doctor, antibiotics and three times a day foot soaking. But it's all good now, and fully enclosed shoes mandatory. Sorry kids.
 We play, we explore, we soak up the sun, appreciate what we have, and rest (well, not so much on the resting)
And locals will wonder for days about the little boy with no face they saw at the park.

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