Friday, January 14, 2011

Turning my face to the sun.

My heart remains heavy and my mind fairly hazey. So todays offering is a short and sweet 'What I Wore'
 I wore a skirt-from-a-tea-towel which I got on sale from this talented Etsy lovely last year.
NB: op shop = thrift store.
Witchery top which I got from the op shop a couple of years ago. Necklace, I think my sister gave it to me and I think she got it from an op shop. I love this necklace, I also have a white one, and I always feel a little bit Betty Rubble (the Flintstones) when I wear them.

 Well, I had no shoes on so that's it for what I wore. Rather amazing that it's not a picture of me in jeans or shorts because that's what I wear 99% of the time.
Really the person who should be doing 'What I wore' in this house is my son.
He has regular outfit changes and is quite particular about his clothes. And he loves to accessorise with bags (shoes, not so much), his favourite one being this pink duck bag which he is sporting in the picture below.

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jodyg said...

You look gorgeous Brenda. I love love love that skirt. Very cool.