Friday, December 7, 2012

I Have Been

menu planning.
Giving it a go anyway. The week and a half I planned and followed through with was fantastic.
It was absolutely fantastic to be able to wake up each day already knowing what we would be eating for tea.
ugh, what are we going to have for tea?
That thought has the potential to ruin the whole day for me sometimes.
I will tackle meal planning again.

 Have been trying to find the time to flick through a few magazines.
Really love the cover of this Country Style, so lovely.

 Pleasantly surpised to have more successes than failures out of the chosen menu planning recipes.

Success, below, with Spinach, fetta, and roasted cherry tomato tart.

Spent two days and a night working on Christmas cakes. Little ones.

And big ones.
I wouldn't say I was much of a Christmas cake fan (I make them to give away), but let me tell you, this lot smell so good. I just want to cut into them everytime I check on them. (these have been 6 weeks in the making so far, including a month for the fruit to macerate in Cointreau)

 I've also been recieving a few parcels in the mail, love this time of year, when those Christmas purchases start rolling in :)
This parcel below contained stamp albums for the little people. I so love that it was packaged up and sent to us with all those stamps on it.
I often request stamps, rather than a boring little reciept like sticker, when mailing packages.
Doesn't win me any friends at the post office, but really, it just looks so much better.

I almost posted this with my full name and address up there, just caught it and replaced with this blurred out version. really, the whole world doesn't need to know where I live ;)

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