Monday, December 10, 2012

On the weekend I spent Sunday afternoon making a huge mess a huge batch of candles. Some for gifts, some for me.
I have made a few lots of candles now, with no problems, but in this lot there are imperfections in every single one of them. Bumpy tops and craters. I'm not quite sure what went wrong, I think maybe the wax wasn't hot enough when I poured.
Whatever the cause was, I think this lot will be stored away for me to use in future.
 (although I have read that maybe the bumps and craters may be able to be fixed with a heat gun and bought one off ebay today so I'll let you know how that turns out) 
They're still beautiful, they smell absolutely divine.

I did four fragrances: lemon mytrle (very nice), cinnamon apple (smells way better in the candles than it did in the bottle and will be really nice in winter), french pear (one of my favourites, yummy) and a scent called Montego Bay which smells coconut-limey to me and is lovely.
I really love these little ones which were poured in old milk/cream jugs.

I had the candles still on the table today while I dragged out the Christmas cakes and unwrapped them to make sure everything was still peachy under the layers of foil and rum soaked muslin and oh my goodness, you would not believe how good the house smelt.

I also tackled a batch of macarons today but they didn't turn out so great,
 I'm going to try again in the next few days.
My house is truly a huge mess and I think I'm going to have a late night
 getting other things done tonight. I'd rather be going to bed
with something to read but you know what they say....
A mothers work is never done.

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casso said...

Holy wowzers, I leave your blog for a little while and come back to post overload!

So I've been looking at the whole making-candles thing for a while now, and have been wondering if it's worth it. Did you buy a kit? And do you just add essential oils to make the fragrance? I'm motivated by just how beautiful that candle photo looks, gorgeous.

Also did you get my message on fb? Never fear, if you don't want to that's no stress, I have back up plans! :)