Sunday, December 9, 2012

A few weeks ago Ruby sweet-talked me into buy her a copy of
 Better Homes & Gardens magazine. It had a Christmas tree
 on the cover, I think that's what caught her eye.
Later that day she declared it to be her favourite magazine ever and also put in a request to be able to stay up and watch the Better Homes & Gardens TV show on Friday nights.
I've since been informed that show is currently on every week night at the moment.
I haven't passed that on to Ruby yet.
Anyway, she really has poured over that mag, and it has kick started quite a few
little projects for her .A couple of days ago when the table couldn't be
 seen for all the paperwork/assorted crap on top of it, she asked me if she could clear it.
She then proceeded to lay down this napkin and place a very pretty plate on top of it.
Then a quick trip to the far reaches of our backyard and she popped this pot of sage onto the plate.
"I got the idea out of Better Homes & Gardens" she said.

I love these kids of mine. One way or another, they surprise me every single day.

And I feel terribly spoilt sitting there at my BH&G inspired
table styling, eating pancakes in the morning sun.

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