Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I never made a gingerbread house as a child (nor did any of my friends),
 and in fact last year was the first time I did it with my own kids.
 Certainly not an Australian tradition, but I think it's one we (my family, that is) may take on.
Because it's fun. And they look good.
 Last year we bought two kits and the kids had one each.
 This year there was only one kit in the whole
store on the day we went to get them.
 So one it was.
I didn't know how that was going to go down.
I anticipated lots of griping and whining over having to share.

Holy wow, they surprised me.
 Not one whingin' whiney grizzle was heard.
Bliss. Angels sang.
I divided the parts up before bringing them into it, I think that may have helped.
Just laid them out and said those are your bits and those are yours, and that was it.

Ruby adopted this very casual one handed approach to piping. Sometimes offset by the crooked finger placement in the opposite hand as you can see above. Seemed to help it all work, somehow.
She looks bored below, but she really wasn't. Just concentrating, she is.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we didn't look at the instructions before starting, we thought the roof bits were the walls and vice versa. 

So there's windows on the roof and roof type decoration on the walls.

This is Clary's end of the house, below.

And Rubys' Ho Ho (no room for the third Ho) house here.

I really don't want them eating this stuff as it is disgusting. 
Maybe one day I'll make the gingerbread up myself,
 and we'll have some quality confectionary to decorate with.
For now, these kits are just fine.
Have you made a gingerbread house?

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