Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I miss blog-land and am going to try and ease my way back into it, if  I can.
I have been overthinking many things lately and would love to hear your thoughts, if you can spare the time to share, on the issue of sharing parts of your life on the internet, be it through a blog or through social media such as Facebook.
I wonder sometimes if I'm doing the wrong thing by posting pictures of my children here on the blog, and sharing on Facebook. It's become very normal for me to post photos of my kids to Facebook, pictures of things I'm making or just have a bit of casual chit chat with someone.
I wonder if I'm an oversharer?
I've considered canning Facebook and the blog, but I don't know if that's the right call, yet.
For now, I'm going to keep mulling it over. What's your view?
Anyway, on with it.
A very brief (over) share from me today.
This is almost like the holy grail of op-shopping for me. One of those items you always want to find, but never do.
A cigar box. It's light weight, seems to be almost ply-ish type wood. But it's the first cigar box I've ever come across, and I've wanted to find one forever. I love it.
I have managed to make a few more books in the last couple of weeks, these two will likely be Christmas gifts for a niece and nephew.

No quilt making here. Just reading. For now.
(my Grandma made that colourful blanket underneath, it's gorgeous)

I have been in a big old hole lately, have been trying to draw/paint my way out of it. It's helping :)


amber said...

I struggle with that too. I'd probably share even more, but I never have time to blog any more. Facebook I hate, but feel like I have to use it to keep up with some of my far flung friends.

That's interesting that you never find cigar boxes. They are at almost every estate sale I go to, though not always nice wood ones. I have that quilt book too, love it.

Brenda said...

Estate sales are unheard of in Australia, I get quite jealous when I see what others stumble upon at them in the US. I too would share a lot more, but I'm unsure :(

jodyg said...

I love seeing what you're up to Brenda. I think it's nice that the internet allows you to share with others the things you have common interests in. I'm thinking of getting back into blogging because to me it seems more cosy than facebook. I'm getting a bit over facebook but still can't help checking all the time to see if anything major has happened.