Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Bit Royal

Ok, so apparently not everyone is interested in the Royal Wedding, but it is TODAY and in honour of that, I bring you some crowns. (I neither love nor hate the royals but I will be watching the wedding and I do love me a crown)
Oh my lord, there sure are an awful lot of crowns out there, something to please everyone I think.
Simple ones such as this little lovely found here.

This feathers-and-butterflies-within-a-crown crown I have seen quite a lot on the net, so much so I have no idea of the original source.
One of my favourites, I think, is this book-ish crown from  here
 This one which I call the 'chicken wire and glitter' crown by the super talented Pam Garrison. Would love to make one of these one day. One day.
Oh dear, everytime I go to describe the next crown I find myself saying 'ooh, ooh, this is one of my favourites'. Can they all be my favourite?
Of course Etsy provides some of the very best in handmade crowns.
Such as these next two from sweetvioletjane.

A little more Regal from Kiss the Groom.
Completely perfect, completely simple, and completely accessible to the masses. In yellow. I love. (found here)

After breakfast here this morning we went all hoighty-toighty (I'd ask you if I spelt that right but I don't think they are actual words) and made some crowns of our own.
Ruby's features intricate drawings (done with Crayola Twistables) of the Palace, the Royal carriage, and Royal horses. She wore it to school.
Clary's features some very regal and posh scribbling (again, Crayola twistables, nothing but the best). He took his to kindy.

Mine (modelled by Ruby) is a dunny roll featuring cheap and nasty glitter as my precious pot of lovely vintage glass glitter is currently nowhere to be found. Actually I was surprised at how good that cheap glitter looked.

I'm not wearing it but I just might be thinking about popping it on for the rest of the day after this post.

*I totally want to scream and rant and rave because all of these pictures are so much nicer than they look here. Blogger is doing my head in*

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