Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keeping it Simple

Today everything had to be simple, it had to be easy, it had to be enjoyable.
I am focusing on slowing myself down, simplifying EVERYTHING. I think I will do a whole separate post on this as I think the rewards for simplifying and slowing are going to be amazing.
For today.... just that, today. This is how we kept it simple, today.
In honour of simplicity all of todays pictures are from my phone (Retro Camera app for Droid)
So tomorrow is Easter Bonnet Parade day for Ruby. The old me would have searched and searched for the World's Greatest Easter Bonnet Ideas and be up until midnight tonight creating something that no-one but me would have the appropriate amount of appreciation for ;)
With my new way of thinking ticking over in my head, I grabbed a vintage hat, made some mini paper bunting, wacked it around the brim, and secured some little scary-eyed little chicky's in a basket.
 And then I started to plan the rest of the hat.
And then I stopped.
And printed off a tag that said Happy Easter, and slotted that into the ribbon.
And I walked away.
It was hard to do that.
The manic part of me wants to change my mind and go nuts on that thing. But the part of me, which is the whole of me, that loves my husband and my  children knows that going nuts on the stuff that just doesn't matter has got to stop. Because I get overwhelmed and stressed out and then I really don't accomplish much at all.
Not that I'm saying that decorating an Easter Bonnet would stress me out, it's my attitude to these things (has to be perfect) and the fact that I put way to many things on the old To Do List.
No more.
(I just hope Ruby won't get all heartbroken when she's surrounded by kids in hats that are pimped out with Easter-y baubles from the $2 shop..........but she has seen the hat and she seemed to like it)
Tomorrow is also calling for treats to be shared at Playgroup in the morning and, again, treats to  be shared in the afternoon at school after the Easter Bonnet Parade.
So, the old me takes off with "What will I make? Must make something special, something Easter-y, blah, blah, blah.
My new and improved way of thinking kicks in with 'PACKET MIXES GIRL!!! GET SOME PACKET MIXES AND DO NOT GIVE THIS ONE MORE THOUGHT!!!!"

 One Rasberry Swirl cake for school, and one batch of Vanilla fairycakes for playgroup.
I would show you a picture of those fairycakes (cupcakes) but blogger has reverted and is not letting me show more than 5 pictures per post.
And if I showed you the fairycakes then I wouldn't be able to show you this little cowboy who is one of the very reasons for all my gung-ho on the simplicity campaign.

Less time stressing over Easter Bonnets means more time to play Cowboys and Farmers (I don't think he's aware of that Cowboys and Indians game other kids play, lol).

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jodyg said...

I know exactly what you're saying. Good luck with it.
I love the Easter bonnet, it's adorable especially the bunting.