Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smile Sewing

OK, I have managed one more sewing project for my self, here it is. Again, from one of my beloved Japanese sewing books 'Smile Sewing' (how cute is that!)
I chose this pinni/apron type dress because it's a style I love and it looked like it wouldn't be too hard.
Just a quiet word on the quality of these pictures. Yeah, it's terrible, I know. I am trying to work it so that my pictures can be bigger,  but in bringing you bigger pictures I have completely lost the quality. So I am going to keep on researching this annoying issue, if you can bare with me. And if you have any tips on this, I'd love to hear them.
I used fabric I already had for this, some stuff I had picked up at the op shop. I'm not sure if it's linen or some kind of blend but when I saw these photos.............ewwww, it wrinkles up nice and good!!! (this dress had been ironed prior to wearing this morning.

I really love it, although sadly it's already got stains on it (chainsaw oil, don't ask).
The top from my previous post - stained also (splattering oil while making salmon patties on Good Friday).
I really must wear my apron more often.

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