Friday, April 1, 2011

Bath Painting

I just want to share this little bath time activity which is really quite simple, but loads of fun for the kids. This picture was taken with my phone get what you get :)

Shaving cream. Food colouring. Muffin tray (I bought a 12 cup silicone tray and cut it in half so my kids could have a 'palette' each). Paint brushes.
Serve it up and let them paint the walls from the bath tub.
As you can see I didn't have very many colours in my food colouring stash, must get some red/pink (hmmm, wonder why I don't have red food colouring in the house, weird)
And the amount of shaving cream I put in was HEAPS (way too much, really)
But they had fun.
And, of course, you just clean up with water and a cloth. Too easy.

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x Shimmy Immie said...

Little tips like this make me wish I had that I could have an excuse for being found slathering coloured shaving foam all over the bathroom tiles...I was just testing it out for the children!