Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog: Ugly.

Just a note on the current state of my blog,I thought I was going to have it looking all whiz-bang-pretty by now............but apparently not :(
I waited so long before choosing someone to design my blog for me, initiated the process months ago and now? E-mails are no longer being returned so looks like I made a bad decision. Poo.
So for now, I'll be leaving it as is until I have some kind of light bulb moment on what to do.
In other news we thought our chooks had stopped laying but then we found this under the wheel barrow yesterday.
Lucky we found that because my husband was throwing around talk of chopping their heads off :O

And of course, I would never let that happen!!


x Shimmy Immie said...

If I may, I'd love to create a few little design points for your lovely blog...even if it's just a header image to cheer you up a bit :) If you're at all tempted, here's my email where you will always reach me:


x Shimmy Immie said...

Sorry about the email! Not sure what happened there! Try this one:

Look forward to hearing from you ^_^