Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Usual Suspect

I have a bit of a problem in my house, I have mentioned it on here before.
I have a kitchen critter. I bought another fridge lock today, to replace the last one which broke. The new one lasted about four hours.

Looks innocent, doesn't he? But he's sneaky...............sly................crafty like a fox.

If you have this kind of vermin in your house, you'll recognize his movements here.

He sneaks in quietly when he thinks no-one is watching. Sneak, sneak, sneak.

Gets that door open super fast.

And like a wild tiger, he's got what he wants (yogurt), and he's gone.


Don't know what you're talking about.


jodyg said...

PMSL, what a clever kid. I can't even work out those fridge locks.

Elli said...

Love his "Mr Innocence" look with his face covered in yoghurt! Gorgeous!

Kirsty said...

That is just too cute! (but oh so baaaad!!LOL)

Natasha said...

We have a similar creature in our kitchen too :)