Monday, March 16, 2009

The everyday.

A couple of months ago we started a little vegie patch. We were a bit slack and didn't put a whole lot into it though. We used seedlings instead of seeds. We had a little patch that had been a garden at some point and just dug that up and popped our seedlings in. We've had zucchinis, tomatos, and today some eenie weenie baby carrots. The brocolli never had a chance. They're small but yummy.

Also, we've been doing some free wheeling. Ruby on the bike she got for her birthday. The bike I always wanted, really. With training wheels, a basket, and sparkly things hanging off the handle bars.

Ruby is choosing her own outfits more and more these days (I am very sad about this as it's one of my favourite things to do) and even though you can't see it very well in these pictures this outfit was quite hilarious when she first walked out in it. Those are pink socks with ribbons around the top, and they were pulled up, just about to her knees until she started riding.

I think I'm getting her standard 'NO PICTURES' in this photo below. Nothing's changed there. Hates the camera.

Unfortunately this morning the bike ride didn't last long before we got this.

A flat. Courtesy of a tack. Ruby was very, very, not HAPPY.


Elli said...

Ooh, I love those two-tone tyres! Bummer about the flat, though. We've been very lucky in that regard. We're currently trying (without success) to convince Cheyenne to have her training wheels taken off.

I'm impressed with your carrots - so much straighter than mine. All that's left of my veggie patch is a rather decrepit tomato plant with 4 cherry tomotoes on it.

ingrid said...

I love the bike shots! Shame about the flat though.

And I hear you on the teeny tiny vegetables. Ours turn out much the same. And I have to pick them before the bandicoots eat them. We had mini watermelons this year which were seriously one bite each once opened, LOL.