Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love it.

She, of course, does not love it. Excuse the less than stellar pictures but she wasn't moving to a better spot for anyone.
I love this skirt. It's made from some vintage fabric I have had for ages, waiting for the right thing to make. I was worried the fabric might be a bit delicate even though it doesn't look it, as there has been a couple of other times that I have used old, but sturdy looking, fabric and it has only lasted one wear before ripping. But she sat on the swing in this and kind of got caught up getting off and it didn't rip so I'm hoping it will be right.
The grey binding bit at the bottom I made from a sheet.

I really like it. If it fit me I would wear it.


ingrid said...

Well I love it too!

And a tip for some of those delicate old recycled fabrics....try french seams. They seem to work much better for me and are much sturdier.

Capture said...

Brenda -
Thank you for the love on my blog honey. I'm so glad you found me again! I was in a bit of a blur during the workshop as my dad had just passed so hoping to do them again. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. :( I will surely add him to my prayer list. I know what a hard and trying time it can be.
BTW: I am LOVING the skirts and dresses you make and am wondering how in the world I can get one. Do you sell them? Can I buy one? I just love love love...the horse dress? The skirt in this post. Stop taunting me with the cuteness!
Please let me know. I would love to own one!!
Much Love,