Sunday, April 5, 2009


Sunday night already??? But I haven't done anything on my list!! My house is such a stinkin' mess.
But we had a good weekend. Went to Grandmas' (and Grandas') place. The local show was on and we all went. Spent a lot longer there than I thought we would. Pretty much the whole day.

Ugh, please excuse me while I change the TV chanel, there is a show about serial killers starting. Yuck.

OK, so we went to the show. It was very hot. I got burnt. I have bridesmaid duties in two weeks so I hope it's faded in time for that.

The kids (and I) had fairy floss, ice creams, and hot chips. So we had sugar, salt and fat covered anyway. Must catch up on vegetables.

We waited and waited and waited in the hot sun for the Grand Parade to start.

All worth it in the end, for Clary anyway, as he had a good spot to watch the feral utes pass.
He loved them.
And then he snuck himself a little go on a mini digger. There were three other boys on three other diggers/tractors as I took this picture. Little boys just love their wheels, don't they?

And this.

Scary, isn't he?
This morning we went to have photos taken at Kindy. Like many kindys' they had a photo fundraiser.
The photographer was super fast and cheesy but the photos will be lovely, and they will DEFINITELY be the kind of photos that all the grandparents and in-laws will LOVE. But it did re-inforce my love for a different style of photo. Those pictures of families, everyday, wearing their everyday clothes and just having fun. Naturally.
Oh my god, what is with Sunday night television, people are being killed on this chanel too!!! It's got to go off, I can't handle it.

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