Friday, December 19, 2008

Honey, I've put the lights up.

So, I just put my Christmas lights up. What do you think?
Kidding. Of course.
Although given what you've seen of my Christmas decorations so far (the lone bell, for instance), I suppose I shouldn't get too offended if some of you thought I was serious.
I pinched this idea from an e-mail that's doing the rounds.


maryanne r said...

classic.cracked me up!!!!
[read the post title, and expected the classic "picture perfect" photos].

also loved your earleir post of messy house and lone chrissy decoration,[that made me laugh too], quite refreshing as so many blogs have pictures that are just so "picture perfect". my house is much like yours, but probably a lot smaller, and as I have older kids, usually end up having xtra kids around too, and always a bit messy!!!!
I guess if my house was picture perfect it would mean I lead a very very boring life.

Kirsty said...


What a stunning lights arrangement. I hope you have netered some competitions, and that the neighbours won't mind the nightly queue as people flock from far and wide to admire ;-)

I have to laugh, because I haven't even put up a tree for my poor babies!!!